ALT 150 Ventilated cladding facade system – Concealed fastening of ceramic granite, natural stone

ALT150 Ventilated cladding facade system allows to improve energy efficiency of a building and reduces costs for its maintenance, as well as creates more comfortable conditions for people.

Well-thought-out construction of the system helps to extend maintenance-free service life of facades.

Due to a wide range of cladding materials available for ventilated facades, any building can have a unique design and still become a perfect fit for the architecture of any city.

This solution is intended for the premium segment — fully concealed fastening:

  1. Ceramic granite, natural and artificial stone, HPL -panels are fastened to the horizontal rails of the bearing frame of the ventilated cladding façade system by means of special hooks (agraph). Agraphs are pre-fastened to cladding materials with special anchors.
  2. Fastening of natural and artificial stone to the bearing frame of the ventilated cladding façade system is carried out by installation of stone with previously prepared longitudinal horizontal cuts on horizontal rail guides.

For more detailed information about the system, please contact an ALUTECH representative in your region for technical advice.


  • Excellent thermal insulation: a comfortable microclimate in the building all year round.
  • Improved acoustic and noise insulation.
  • Simple and technological all-weather mounting.
  • Long maintenance-free service life (over 50 years). Low operating costs.
  • Fire safety.
  • Variety of architectural forms and solutions, various types of cladding materials.
  • Protection against moisture and other aggressive factors.
  • Ecological safety.