Rev. dd. 25.05.2018

We respect confidentiality of our clients and partners that we work with. Please read about our Confidentiality Policy to learn what information we collect and why, what we disclose to third parties, and how you can modify, delete and transmit it.

Alutech proposes for its clients to use Alutech website and online services. By using Alutech website and online services, you agree with this Confidentiality Policy, objectives and terms of your personal data processing.

If you do not agree with the terms of Alutech Confidentiality Policy, objectives and terms of your personal data processing specified in this Confidentiality Policy, you must stop using Alutech website and online services.

A situation is possible that you are a company and you authorize an employee - physical person - to work with Alutech website or online services, and his or her data are submitted on your behalf when using Alutech website or online services. In this case, you bear full responsibility to make sure that the person or persons, whose personal data you have provided, are aware of that, understand and agree with how Alutech uses their data in accordance with Confidentiality Policy.


We need your data:

  • to document, process, put into production and control manufacture of Alutech products ordered by you;
  • to provide consultations and support for your online order of Alutech products;
  • for your identification when using Alutech website or online services when placing your request (order, inquiry, other query) and performing agreements (contracts), processing and fulfilling your requests (inqries, subscriptions);
  • to contact you, including by sending notifications, information, in relation to your use of Alutech website or online services, performance of agreements (contracts), your requests (inquiries, subscriptions, otherequests);
  • for improvement of Alutech website and online services based on website traffic statistics, sales and feedback from the online service and services provided by Alutech;
  • for improvement of Alutech website and online services marketing;
  • for targeted advertising.

To achieve the specified objectives, please indicate the following personal data when placing an order (request, inquiry, other query) using Alutech website or online services: last name, first name, contact phone numbers, email address of the person placing an order (request, inquiry, another query), when ordering Alutech products through Alutech website or online service – delivery address.

We also automatically collect depersonalized information about your interaction with Alutech website or online services, in particular, information about webpages or content viewed by you on our website, inquiries made, orders created and other actions on the website, as well as IP address, time of access, information about software and hardware, information about the device, information about device events, unique identifiers, information about malfunctions, cookies data, as well as information about webpages you have visited before using AServise.

We do not collect and do not process special categories of personal data related to race or ethnic background, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, genetic data, biometric data, data related to health, or personal data of persons under the age of 18.


By using Alutech website, online services, agreeing with the terms of this Confidentiality Policy, you freely and in your own interests submit to us your personal data, or personal data of your employees, and give active consent to their storage and processing, or guarantee availability of such consent of your employees, whose personal data you have submitted when making an order (request, inquiry, other query).

At the same time, you (physical person) may recall your consent to this Confidentiality Policy by sending a corresponding request by email

Recall of consent does not affect legality of permitted actions related to collection, storage and processing of data made before such recall.

Also, you (physical person) have the right to:

  • access your data, and information about the purpose of its processing, recipients, data storage period;
  • demand from us correction of invalid or incomplete personal data. You are responsible for actuality of personal data provided to us. We do not check validity of the personal data provided by you;
  • demand from us provision of a copy of your personal data in standard, structured and machine-readable form, and/or, if technically possible, provide this information to another service provider;
  • demand deletion of your personal data in case of special grounds (data are no longer required for the purposes for which they were obtained; you have recalled your consent to processing of personal data; persal data were processed illegally, etc.), and forward this demand to other controllers;
  • limit processing of personal data in case of specific conditions (data are inaccurate; data are being processed illegally, but you object deletion of data, etc.);
  • demand stoppage of operations with your personal data used for direct marketing.

To realize any of your rights you can contact us by email with corresponding request or demand.


If you (physical person) want to recall your consent to use your personal data in relation to use of Alutech website or online services, you can sent a personal data deletion request by email to

After completing your personal data deletion request we will fully and irreversibly delete your personal data.

Note that the following rules apply to personal data deletion requests:

  • we have the right to partially keep your personal data in legal interests of our business, including to fight fraud and improve security;
  • we have the right to not delete your personal data completely, and continue storing and using your personal data within the scope required and sufficient for compliance with the requirements of laws of the couny of data storage and/or processing;
  • due to implementation of a system for protection from accidental or intentional data corruption or loss, backup copies of your personal data will be deleted with a certain delay.

Your personal data in the form allowing to identify you (to determine the subject of personal data) will be deleted or depersonalized automatically:

  • when the objective of personal data processing is achieved;
  • upon expiration of personal data storage time specified in this Confidentiality Policy.

Note that information that you have given to other persons (for example, feedback, forum messages) may remain publicly accessible even after deletion of your data, while reference to your authorship will be removed. Certain copies of your information may be stored in our database without any possibility of personal identification.


Different third parties are also affiliated with Alutech website and services in various ways and for various purposes. The main objective is to supply the manufacturer with information about your online order, inquiry (request, subscription). Your data may also be disclosed to other parties that we engage for achievement of the objectives listed above in this Confidentiality Policy, and in some cases – to the government or other competent authorities.

Third-party service providers. We use services of third-party organizations for processing of your personal data on our behalf. This processing is done for different purposes, including sending of marketing materials or verification of the email address specified by you when filling-out and submitting forms on Alutech website. Third-party service providers are bound by confidentiality obligations, and are not allowed to use your personal data for any purposes other than directly specified by Alutech.

Competent authorities. We disclose personal data to the law enforcement authorities only within the scope legally required by laws of the country of data storage and processing, or is strictly required for prevention, identification or termination of criminal activities and fraud, of if we are legally bound to disclose it on other grounds. Moreover, we might need to provide personal data to competent authorities for protection of our rights or assets, as well as the rights and assets of our business-partners.

We also have the right for transborder transmission of personal data to the territory of a foreign country for fulfillment of our obligations to complete your order and achievement of other objectives stipulated by this Confidentiality Policy.


We follow the proper safety procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and their unlawful use.

We implement the required corporate systems and procedures for security and protection of the personal data provided to us. We also apply security procedures and use technical and physical restrictions for using personal data and accessing them on our servers. Access to the personal data is only given to the Alutech employees who require it in connection with performance of their job duties, and in complaince with the personal responsibility principles.

We store your personal data for the time required and sufficient for you to use our services, for us to provide our services to you, in compliance with the applicable laws, for resolution of disputes with any parties, as well as for other purposes allowing us to carry out commercial operations, including identification and prevention of fraudulent or other illegal actions. The maximum storage period of the personal data provided by you when using Alutech website and online services is two years. If laws of the country of personal data storage and/or processing establish a different personal data storage period, we will store such data for a period established by law.

This Confidentiality Policy applies to all personal data saved by us. Should you have any questions concerning specific storage period of your personal data being processed by us, you can contact us by email at


We reserve the right to amend this Confidentiality Policy at any time. The updated Confidentiality Policy is published at with indication of the last revision date. We suggest you read the updated Confidentiality Policy when making an order (request, inquiry, other query) using Alutech website or online services. Continued use of Alutech website and online services by you will only be possible after confirmation of your consent to the terms of updated Confidentiality Policy, and receipt of your consent with its conditions.

Revision of the Confidentiality Policy does not affect legality of actions related to collection, storage and processing of data made before updating of the Confidentiality Policy, and not confirming to the corresponding terms of the updated Policy.


Alutech service strives to make your interaction with our website as informative as possible and meeting your interests. We use cookies for that. We believe you should know what cookies our Alutech website uses and what for. This will help to protect your personal information and provide for maximum convenience of our website for your use.

Cookies contain small pieces of information and are downloaded to your computer or another device from Alutech website server. During each subsequent visit of this website, your browser sends cookies back to the server to enable your identification and remember your user’s preferences.

Cookie files can be used for the following purposes:

  • First, strictly required files are necessary for normal operation of Alutech website. For example, without cookies a website cannot remember that you have logged in or made an order (request, subscription);
  • Second, analytical files are needed for depersonalized use analysis and improvement of Alutech website, as well as for visitor counting. We do not associate the website usage statistics and other reports with specific people;
  • Third, cookie files for social media are used for integration of social networks with the website so you can use "Like" and "Share" functions in your favorite social media;
  • Fourth, personalized online advertisements. When you visit our partners' websites we can show you advertisements or other content that we believe you would like to see.

To stop receiving personalized advertisements from Alutech use plug-in software «Google Analytics Blocker» or visit Consumer Opt-Out Page, to learn about deactivation of personalized advertisement in relation to the information used by NAI members.

By using this website, you give us your consent to download cookies to your computer or another device. Nevertheless, you can control cookies. Please note that deletion or blocking of cookie can affect the user interface, and some elements of this website may become unavailable.

You can find information on how to turn off cookies or change cookie settings in browser at the following links:

Most of the browsers allow you to view cookie files stored in your device, and individually remove or block cookies from certain or all websites. Please note that deletion of all cookie files will result in loss of all information about your preferences, including your preference to refuse cookies, since it presumes installation of a cookie indicating such refusal. Detailed information about changing your browser settings to block or filter cookies is available at or

We may also use technologies that track whether you have read, opened or forwarded certain messages send by us to your email. The purpose of using these technologies is to make our means of communication more useful and attractive for the user. If you do not want us to know whether you have read, opened or forwarded certain email messages, you should cancel your subscription. In this case, we will not be able to send you emails without activated tracking service. You can also cancel the subscription by following instructions that we will send you in an electronic message.