Fireproof systems

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2500 mm Max. leaf height
1300 mm Max. leaf width
48 mm Max. infill unit thickness
250 kg Max. leaf weight
Uf = 1,3 W / m²K Thermal insulation, EN 12211:2000, EN 12210:1999
class 4А (150 Pa) Impact resistance EN 13049:2003
For door systems - EIW30, EIW60 Fire resistance limit
For partition systems - EIW45 Fire resistance limit
class 4А (150 Pa) Air permeability, EN 1027:2000, EN 12208:1999
class 3 (600 Pa) Water tightness, EN 1026:2000, EN12207:1999
class С3 (1200 Pa) Wind load resistance, EN 12211:2000, EN 12210:1999
Up to 37 dB Acoustic insulation EN ISO 10140-2:2011, EN ISO 10140-4:2011
50 mm Internal visible profile width
50mm External visible profile width
10-50mm Infill unit thickness
700 kg Max. Infill unit weight
911 cm4 Max. moment of inertia
clamp profile, decorative cap Method of infill unit fixation
ALT W62, W72 window and door systems, integrated facade windows, smoke hatches Types of integrated units
class R7 (600 Pa) Water tightness (EN 13830:2003)
class A4 (600 Pa) Air permeability (EN 13830:2003)
2400 Pa Wind-load resistance EN 13830:2003
class E5/I5 (external/ internal) impact Impact resistance EN 13830:2003
Up to 48 dB Acoustic insulation (depending on the infill unit used)
Е15; E30 Fire-resistant rating for external systems
EIW15; EIW45 Fire-resistant rating for internal systems