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We invite regional partners to cooperate and offer to sell doors, automation and loading equipment, that are in demand and have positive feedback from our customers.

We invite regional partners to cooperate and offer to sell doors, automation and loading equipment, that are in demand and have positive feedback from our customers.

Comprehensive business solutions

Completing any task

We produce sectional doors for garages and industrial facilities and panoramic doors for image-building objects. We offer entrance gates, wickets, fence sections and boom barriers for you to protect your private territory. For more convenient door control we provide automatic motors. To make production process faster and ensure personnel safety, we offer loading equipment and various accessories.

ALUTECH Group forms its product range with regard to customer expectations. We also customise product technical characteristics and service system depending on every region. Therefore, our products are in demand in the international market.

Ready for sale products

ALUTECH sectional doors are ready for sale in the middle and high price range where quality plays a key role. Selling such products will allow you to save time and reduce claim costs.

Why ALUTECH doors are easy to sell

European quality

ALUTECH doors are produced at modern manufacturing facility which is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

To coat our sandwich panels, we use paint produced by well-known European manufacturers. This guarantees coating resistance to unfavourable external influence, such as high humidity, UV-light and temperature extremes.

Independent testing

ALUTECH products have been tested at international laboratories such as TÜV Rheinland and ift Rosenheim GmbH (Germany), Building Research Institute NISI (Bulgaria), SKG-IKOB Certification BV (the Netherlands), SundaHus i Linköping AB (Sweden) and others.

Environmental safety

All our products comply with international standards in environmental safety. This is proven with SundaHus (Sweden) and EPD (Germany) certificates.

Safe operation

ALUTECH doors are supplied with all necessary safety systems such as protection from finger trapping, protection from door leaf falling in case of spring or cable break and others. Our products comply with European safety standards (EN) and have CE marking.

Break-in protection system

Due to reinforced design, ALUTECH doors have increased burglary resistance and conform to the highest protection class according to European system SKG. Break-in protection system is an optional extra for door series Prestige.

Efficient thermal insulation

For production of Trend and Prestige series doors we use 40 and 45 mm thick sandwich panels with closed contour. They have low heat transmittance of 1,336 W/(m2K) and 1,048 W/(m2K) accordingly. This corresponds to the thermal insulation of 550 and 600 mm thick brick wall. The values are specified for 6x3 m door with torsion springs and without wicket.

17 years of operation

Torsion and tension springs used in ALUTECH doors have a lifespan of 25 000 open-close cycles. If their operation intensity is normal (4 cycles a day), the springs do not need replacement for 17 years. For industrial doors we provide springs with encreased lifespan - up to 100 000 operation cycles.

Manufacturer's warranty

Durable materials, elaborated design and modern production technologies ensure faultless operation of ALUTECH products for many years. And a ten-year factory warranty is yet another confirmation of this.

Competitive terms of production and delivery

We appreciate our partners and offer profitable cooperation, which would be impossible without fast production of all kinds of products. When placing an order you will know the exact date of its delivery.

  1. Sectional doors of any dimensions in standard colours - no more than a week.
  2. Sectional doors in non-standard colours - about a week.
  3. Sectional doors with wicket - about a week.
  4. Panoramic doors with transparent or alternative infill - from one to three weeks.

Easy and fast order placement through A-service

The order is sent via online configuration manager. Then it is verified by a specialist from the Distribution Department, confirmed by the client and is placed for production. To make the process faster, you can use a 'one-button' function. In this case all orders placed via online configuration manager are considered to be confirmed and placed for production without additional verifying. When there are enough doors produced, we start shipping. To monitor the orders, GPS-tracking is used (you will receive the contact number of the driver/transport company).

Individual approach

ALUTECH has enough technical possibilities to fulfill any client's requirements. We can speed up the production process by special request and enlarge the maximum door size up to 13000*11500 mm.

The period from placing the first order to its delivery is three-four weeks. You will be assigned to the specialists of the Sales and Distribution Departments who will process your orders and advise you if necessary.


We take care of all matters of product delivery and customs clearance. ALUTECH logistics system is a well-developed network able to provide order delivery to anywhere in Europe within a week. For our customers in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, we have created a special scheme for delivery of any number of doors using a forklift.

ALUTECH's own logistics centre is located in the Czech Republic. Here we arrange fast delivery of any number of doors anywhere in the European Union. If necessary and if transport is available, our partners can pick up the doors from the warehouse themselves.

Custom orders

Emphasis on quality

ALUTECH fulfills special orders upon customer requests. These can be products of non-standard dimensions or colours, equipped with additional accessories. Safe and durable operation has always been a major priority for us. So you can be sure of high quality and reliability of our non-standard products.

Flexible working strategy

Special orders are reviewed by the specialists of the Design Engineering and Production Departments. They assess our technical possibility to complete the order and the required time, which is usually not much longer than that for standard orders.

Personal manager

Every ALUTECH partner is assigned a personal manager. It is an experienced specialist who adapts to your work rhythm. Your personal manager presents new products, monitors processing of each order and helps to solve any issues.

Your personal manager will coordinate the purchasing process to save you time and effort.

If necessary, the manager will come to your office to assist you during negotiations or dealmaking with customers as well as to train your employees.

Training for dealers

Initial training

The better a dealer knows the products, the more successful his or her business is. ALUTECH has developed a special training programme for its partners. The initial training - for new dealers or new employees of a sales company - includes introduction to the products and their competitive advantages.

Presenting new products

ALUTECH product range is constantly expanding. At the launch of new products we hold presentations for dealers and employees of sales companies.

Elaborated programme

During the pandemic, we created the online training programme. This allows instant information sharing and holding presentations at your convenience. You will be able to consult with specialists from different departments and receive instant feedback if you have technical questions.

After completing our training programme employees of ALUTECH dealers work more efficiently, make fewer mistakes and adapt to modern business requirements more quickly.

Marketing support

Together with our partners we take part in specialised expos, conferences and significant events worldwide. We are continuously improving our digital presence and promoting ALUTECH as a brand (SMM, SEO, etc.).

Learn more

ALUTECH Group offers

  • Wide range of information and marketing materials.
  • Exhibition samples of products.
  • Printed products and promotional gifts.
  • Branded accessories.

The marketing budget is allocated annually and is formed individually for each client using the percentage of gross sales method.

Providing assistance when opening a showroom

  • Advising on selection of promotional and display materials.
  • Creating the design and visual image of a showroom in ALUTECH corporate style.
  • Package supply and assistance in installation of finished showroom.

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