Complementary systems

45% Daylight area ratio
50 mm Louvre installation spacing
10 mm Overlapping of the louvres
300х300 mm Minimum dimensions of the structure
2500х2500 mm Maximum dimensions of the structure
0,957-4,148 kg Weight of 1 m
100-280mm, over 280 mm - composite bars Sun-protection lover width
30,47 - 824,1 cm4 Moment of inertia of a single louver lx
2,39 - 41,13 cm4 Moment of inertia of a single louver ly
26 mm Internal visible profile width
26 mm External visible profile width
glass beads (when integrated into frames), clamp bar and decorative cap (when integrated into system) Type of fastening
50% Optically free distance between louvers
40% Physically free distance between louvers
50 mm Louver installation increment
10 mm Louver overlap
134х134 mm Min. dimensions of the system
1 600х1 600 mm Max. dimensions of the system