Roller shutters

Roller shutter systems (also called roller shutters) are installed in window and door openings to protect premises from break- in and intrusion, sun, wind, rain, noise, etc. ALUTECH Group of companies manufactures over 90% of profiles and components for roller shutter systems: roll-formed and extruded roller shutter profiles , end slats, guide rails, shutter boxes, end caps, octagonal tubes, manual drives. That is more than 7,000 positions in total.


Roll-formed profiles manufactured from high-quality aluminum strips with a two-layer paint coating, with soft or hard environmentally friendly foam filler — free of hydrocarbon and fluorochlorine compounds.

Extruded profiles are distinguished by increased resistance to burglary due to the large wall thickness (1 — 1,5 mm) and the presence of a transverse stiffener.

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End caps

ALUTECH offers a wide range of shutter boxes and end caps: classic 45° and 20°, round and quarter-round, built-in shutter boxes and 90°caps.

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End slats

Usually installed as bottom profile and increase rigidity of the roller shutter curtain. Selected based on curtain profile dimension, opening width and height and locking mechanism used. Сertain end slats can be completed with hand or key manual locks.

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Guide rails

The choice of guide rail depends on opening dimensions and properties and also on burglar- and wind resistance requirements. ALUTECH guide rails product range is of 20+ types and sizes of guide rails.

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Shutter boxes

ALUTECH offers various series of shutter boxes for external mounting — round, quarter-round, 20° and 45° shutter boxes, and built-in box — for hidden installation into building facade. Wide range of shutter boxes allows to install roller shutters on buildings of different architectural styles.

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40 mm octagonal roll tubes designed for relatively small roller shutters. During roller shutter production process roll tube permissible loads diagram, which is influenced by shutter curtain width and weight, should be taken into account.

Roller shutters of middle and big sizes should be produced using 60 mm, 70 mm and 102 octagonal roll tubes.

RT108×3,6 round roll tube is used for big-sized roller shutter production.

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High-quality components are used for ALUTECH roller shutters to ensure safety and guarantee long working-life.

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Motors and control systems

ALUTECH automation product range includes a wide variety of electric motors and controls: motors with built-in receivers, motors with manual override system for power cut cases, intellectual motors with obstacle detection system and protection against freezing.

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Special systems

ALUTECH special systems are represented by burglar- and hurricane-resistant roller shutters which can strengthen all types of buildings with high requirements to burglar- and hurricane-resistance.

For projects under (re-)construction ALUTECH offers built-in box roller shutters.

Combined systems can be used to combine two or more roller shutters in one opening/facade.

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