Operation and control systems

ALUTECH automation product range includes a wide variety of electric motors and controls: motors with built-in receivers, motors with manual override system for power cut cases, intellectual motors with obstacle detection system and protection against freezing.

Automation for rolling systems

ALUTECH motors

Electric motors with built-in receivers, manual override system for roller shutter operation in power cut cases.


ALUTECH control systems

Compact remotes; multi-channel portable remote controls; remote controls with additional wall-mounted holder; wall-mounted remotes with timers to set exact roller shutter open/close time.

Manual operation for rolling systems

Hand strap and rope operation

Lifting capacity up to 15 kg.

Hand rope operation

Lifting capacity up to 20 kg.

Hand crank operation

Lifting capacity up to 35 kg.

Cord operation

Lifting capacity up to 80 kg.

Assist and push-up spring

Lifting capacity from 6 up to 80 kg.