Logistics park Tomilino


Area:89 000 m2

ALUTECH products for effective use of space

Separate loading docks are installed in front of the building at an angle of 30 degrees.
This special solution allows to save the maneuvering space for trucks for more than 45%.

Выносные отдельностоящие перегрузочные посты

About the project

The complex is rated class A and has the area of 89 000 m2.

89 000 m2

facility area

Technology and logistics park Tomilino is the first large-scale project in Russia, which combines a warehouse terminal, logistics centre and industrial area with well-developed infrastructure.

130 000 m2

total area

Solutions implemented
together with ALUTECH

Dock levellers SL with swing lip

Dock levellers SL with swing lip for loading dock arrangement

Dock leveller with 400 mm swing lip is an ideal solution for arranging the loading dock.

Specific features of the dock leveller:

  • bears the dynamic load of 6 ton;
  • a ten-year warranty from penetrating corrosion is applied;
  • two lifting hydraulic cylinders protect the leveller against imbalance;
  • bolt fixture of the support beam allows its quick and cheap replacement in case of damage;
  • a reinforcing rod protects the dock leveller from damage in case of sudden unforseen truck departure off the loading dock.

Dock houses DH for cargo protection

Loading docks ensure protection of cargo, personnel and storage facility from unfavourable weather.

Design features:

  • two tension cables on the top of the dock house provide structural rigidity;
  • dock house roof inclined forward and rain channels ensure efficient water drainage;
  • extended standard set of components includes frame elements with prepared mounting holes, set of brackets and fasteners;
  • dock house covering set includes all the finishing parts: cover strips, drip caps, framing angles and rain channels.
Dock houses DH for cargo protection
Dock shelters DSF

Dock shelters DSF for maintaining comfortable temperature during transloading

Elastic PVC-sheets fit snugly the vehicle body protecting the cargo from precipitation and temperature drops. The dock shelters prevent draughts, thus reducing costs of temperature control indoors.

Design features:

  • the dock shelter folding frame is resistant to damage in case of incorrect vehicle parking;
  • the front curtains are fixed to the profiles with self-tapping screws from the inside. This eliminates the exposure to precipitation and minimises the risk of corrosion;
  • top and bottom PVC-coverings are separate parts. This makes it easier and cheaper to replace them if they get damaged.

Additional accessories

Steel wheel guides painted in bright yellow and rubber buffers allow to protect the loading equipment and building facade from accidental damage caused by driver incorrect parking to the loading dock.

Дополнительное оборудование
ProTrend series industrial doors

ProTrend series industrial doors for reliable faultless operation

The doors are the best value for money, they provide the required thermal insulation allowing to save money on heating.

Door special features:

  • thermal insulation of ProTrend series doors made of 40 mm thick sandwich panels is compared to the heat transmittance of a 55 cm thick brick wall;
  • special design of steel sheets protects the sandwich panel from delamination in case of abrupt door closing or overheating under the sun;
  • spring operation life extended up to 100 000 open-close cycles allows to save money on service and repair;
  • protection system from door leaf falling in case of spring or cable break;
  • a ten-year warranty from penetrating corrosion due to the use of polyurethane coating with polyamide particles.

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