Townhouse village Timiryazevskiy park

Area:2.4 ha

ALUTECH dealer:Interplast LLC

ALUTECH products for remarkably warm garage

Sandwich panels in Prestige series doors are 45 mm thick. Their thermal insulation is comparable to 60 cm thisk brick wall.

About the project

The village consists of stylish townhouses. All they are combined with a framework concept and single style.



Timiryazevkiy park is a comfort-class townhouse village located in a picturesque parkland near Berezovaya Roshcha in Voronezh.

2.4 ha

total area

From idea to implementation


Striving to be closer to nature and yet stay an urban dweller, wishing to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy fresh air day and night — these are people living in the townhouse village Timiryazevskiy Park.

The townhouse village is surrounded with the forest and perfectly suits for peaceful family life.

Integral garages for 1-2 cars

Townhouses have integral garages equipped with Prestige series sectional doors. Due to double rollers used in door design, the door leaf movement is smooth and silent and does not disturb family members indoors.

Attractive door look

The doors installed in garages are painted in different colours. This has brought variety to the design of the townhouse exteriors, and yet kept the uniform style.

ALUTECH products:

Garage sectional doors:


Townhouse village Timiryazevskiy Park is a specific, comfortable and functional world, well thought-out and adapted for children and people of all ages.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

Energy efficient Prestige doors for retaining the warmth and saving on heating

Sectional doors ensure enhanced thermal insulation, allowing the residents of townhouse village to pay less for heating and providing perfect indoor climate for car storage.

Door special features:

  • thermal insulation of Prestige door made of 45 mm thick sandwich panels is comparable to 60 cm brick wall;
  • two-wing EPDM-seals alongside the door leaf are crease resistant, do not absorb moisture, preserve elasticity at low temperatures and provide reliable insulation of the opening;
  • adjustable roller brackets ensure close proximity of the door leaf to the opening.

Enhanced standard set of components for safe and reliable operation of Prestige doors

There is a range of unique solutions implemented in standard door design:

  • roller brackets, side caps and intermediate hinges made from durable stainless steel AISI 430, which protects the door from corrosion;
  • brackets with double rollers ensure smooth movement or the door leaf;
  • finger trapping protection is implemented on both inner and outer surface of the door;
  • unique wear-resistant PUR-PA coating protects the door leaf from fractures, scratches and fading.

ALUTECH Levigato motors for convenient garage door control

Garage doors are automated with Levigato series motors with a backlighting and a variety of useful functions.

Automation peculiarities:

  • high endurance — at least 30 000 cycles;
  • high door opening speed up to 0.2 m/s;
  • faultless operation at voltage surges 160-270 V;
  • automatic adjustment of end positions every 100 cycles;
  • bright lighting — 60 LEDs;
  • outdoor lighting control.

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