Sliding gates

Reliable and practical structures for house sites of any area. During closing, the sliding gates move parallel to the fence, thus saving space in front of the house and providing convenient entry to the private territory and exit from it.

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Suitable for wide openings

Using two counter sliding wings makes it possible to cover the opening up to 9 m wide.

Up to 
9 m

opening width

Save space

During opening sliding gates wing moves along the fence and does not occupy space in front of the house site entry.

Minimum troubles in winter

To open the gate after heavy snowfalls, you do not have to clear the area in front of it. All you need is to sweep a small area along the fence clear of snow.

Stylish complement to your house site

ALUTECH offers sliding gates with various filling options. The product width varies from 2000 to 5000 mm and the height is from 1210 to 3210 mm.

Comfortable use

Prestige sliding gates are convenient and easy to use. It is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from our customers.

Silent operation

Prestige sliding gates ensure smooth and silent operation with no disturbing sounds. This is possible due to the aluminium frame, which lighten the structure, and bearing rollers made of glass-filled polyamide. The latter also prevents structural components from wedging.

Simple repair

It will not be difficult to replace an accidentally damaged element. Moreover, it can be done right on the house site without having to disassemble the entire structure. There is no need to paint the replaced element, as well as the entire gate.

Options for comfort

When a wicket is required for more convenient use of the gates, but you cannot install it separately, there is a possibility to order constructions with in-built wicket.

Do not waste time
on service maintenance

The use of aluminium and a number of special design solutions ensure smooth operation and aesthetic look of Prestige gates during the entire lifespan.

Corrosion resistance

The use of corrosion resistant metal and a system of fillets with rubber seals protects the gate and fittings from moisture and rust.

Protection against scratches and scuffs

Special polymer plates and rollers prevent damage to the wings coating during closing and contact with the gate frame.

картинка с подписью

Do not worry about safety

With Prestige sliding gates you may not worry about your own safety, as well as the safety of your family. The gates will not hurt you during operation and provide additional security for the house.

Due to the high production accuracy and system quality control of all components, there are no sharp edges and elements in Prestige sliding gates. You will not cut yourself or ruin your clothes.

The use of ALUTECH automation with additional devices (photocells, signal LED-lamp) ensures the most convenient and safest opening and closing of the gates.

ALUTECH automation has an emergency access lock function. If the power is off, the drive can be unlocked only with a special key that only you and your family have.

Control the gates,
with no effort

ALUTECH automation allows to control Prestige sliding gates with a wave of your hand — just press the buttons on the remote control. Open and close the entrance gates without leaving the car!

Single gate for many years

Prestige sliding gates are made of aluminium — its structure is less exposed to wear and tear.

Solutions for durability:

The light weight of the aluminium structure helps to reduce the load on the bearing posts and physical wear and tear of the gate moving parts. Thus, these extends the product lifespan.

Combining the guide profile with the frame into a single element increases the structural rigidity and eliminates alignment risk.

Aesthetics for many years

Prestige slidiing gates are painted with high-quality powder coating — its quality is confirmed by QUALICOAT International Certificate. The gates are scratch resistant and keep an aesthetic look during their entire lifespan.

Minimum environmental

Prestige gates installation is a choice in favor of ecology.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable, though it does not lose its unique properties. Metal can be recycled endlessly: about 75% of the aluminum produced during the entire existence of the industry is still used.

about additional charges

Prestige sliding gates is a purchase not for one or two seasons. Their minimum lifespan is 15 years of operation with 4 open-close cycles per day. Moreover, the gates will not require additional charges.

Prestige gates do not require special care — they can operate in the open air and stand the weather test such as rain, wind and sun, while keeping attractive look. You pay once, and all further operating costs will be minimal.

ALUTECH provides high-quality service maintenace for gates, which guarantees their long-term and stable operation. Planned service maintenance reduces the risk of components early wear and tear and ensures safe operation.

Keep unity of style

To create a harmonious exterior, you can order a wicket and fencing sections (fence) in single style with the gate.


It will provide convenient and quick access to the house site with no need to open the gate fully.

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The fence will help to mark out the area of a private territory and provide additional safety of the house site.

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