Prestige fences

To ensure comfort and safety, ALUTECH offers fence sections (fences) in the matching design to the gates. These products are reliable and easy to install and make the house exterior look completed.

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Fence, gate and wicket in the same style

The integrated structure of Prestige fences is ALUTECH own design. Made without welds, fence structure is corrosion resistant and preserves an aesthetic look. Fence sections can be manufactured in the same style as the gate and wicket, creating a harmoniously looking exterior.


200colours of RAL scale

The proposed variety of colours makes it possible to find the right solution for the fence design.


>20 filling options

Aluminium profiles, sandwich panels with different surface patterns, profiled sheets or other material of your choice can be used as the filling for fence sections.

Aesthetics for many years

The unique design of aluminium fence and its special coating eliminate the risk of rusty stains and protect the construction from minor damages.

Protection against corrosion

High anticorrosive properties of aluminium and a system of fillets with rubber seal protect the gates and their joints from moisture and, as a result, eliminate the risk of corrosion.

Years without troubles

Installing Prestige fence sections at your house site, you guarantee comfort and additional safety for many years.

Warranty against perforation

15 years

Protection against low temperatures, scratches and rust

Solutions that increase fences lifespan:

The light weight of aluminium structure reduces the load on the bearing posts, thus making Prestige series fences operate for many years.

Fences are painted with high-quality powder coating — its quality is confirmed by QUALICOAT International Certificate. This makes them scratch resistant and helps to keep an aesthaetic look during the entire lifespan.

For those who care
about the environment

Prestige fences installation is a choice in favor of ecology.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable, though it does not lose its unique properties. Metal can be recycled endlessly: about 75% of the aluminum produced during the entire existence of the industry is still used.

No unpredicted expenses

Prestige series fences do not require additional expensive maintenance and keep an attractive look during their entire lifespan. You pay once, and the maintenance costs are minimal in the future.

First-class service maintenance

ALUTECH Group provides high-quality service maintenance for its products. You do not have to spend time and effort searching for third party specialists to repair our products.

Repair in a few hours

The integrated structure allows to repair the fence right on the house site, with no need to disassemble it completely. You can replace only the damaged element.