Swing gates

Simple and convenient structures for vast house sites. Swing gates can be opened both towards the road and towards the house. The products are resistant to strong winds and can cover openings up to 9 m wide.

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For areas with plants along the fence

If there are trees or buildings along the fence, swing gates will be an ideal choice.

Availability of free space

Swing gates require extra space at the entrance or yard equal to the radius of gate wings movement.

Easy to create any design

You can choose the material and colour for gates filling to keep harmonious exterior.

of operation

Many years of customer experience and numerous tests of ALUTECH doors helped to implement a number of design solutions that you will appreciate.

Prestige swing gates operate almost silently. It is possible due to an aluminum frame that makes the gate structure lighter and due to the special plastic inserts in three-section hinges, which also protect them from clogging.

Prefabricated design of Prestige swing gates allows to repair or replace damaged elements right on the house site, thus saving time and money. Moreover, is no need to paint the replaced element, as well as the entire gate.

When a wicket is required for more convenient use of the gates, but you cannot install it separately, there is a possibility to order constructions with in-built wicket.

Simple care and service maintenance

Aluminium gates will operate for at least 15 years. Moreover, there is no need to repair and tint them regularly as the gates are designed to be used in any weather conditions.

Protection against rust

The use of corrosion resistant aluminium and a special system of fillets with rubber seals that protect joints from moisture ensures a long operation life of the product without traces of rust.

Protection against wing sagging

The use of reliable three-section hinges allows to adjust gaps between wings during installation and avoid their sagging in the future.

Concern for safety

Prestige swing gates are safe to operate. Moreover, they can provide additional protection of the house site from strangers.

Due to the high production accuracy and system quality control of all components, there are no sharp edges and elements in Prestige swing gates. You will not cut yourself or ruin your clothes.

The use of ALUTECH automation with additional devices (photocells, signal LED-lamp) ensures the most convenient and safest opening and closing of the gates.

ALUTECH automation has an emergency access lock function. If the power is off, the drive can be unlocked only with a special key that only you and your family have.

Remote control

If you want to ensure maximum comfort during Prestige swing gates operation, equip them with ALUTECH automation with user-friendly setup and installation. Control the gates without leaving the car.

Many years
of flawless operation

Prestige swing gates are made of aluminium that is resistant to high humidity, temperature changes and other weather patterns. Moreover, the product design provides a number of solutions, making the gates wear resistant.

Solutions for durabilty:

The light weight of the aluminium structure reduces physical wear and tear of the gates moving parts and the load on the bearing posts, extending the product lifespan.

Three-section hinges of swing gates are protected from sand and snow ingress with special inserts. The wings will open smoothly even after many years.

Gates are like new years later

Prestige swing gates are painted with high-quality powder coating — its quality is confirmed by QUALICOAT International Certificate.This makes them scratch resistant and helps to preserve an aesthetic look.


With care
for the environment

Prestige gates installation is a choice in favor of ecology.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable, though it does not lose its unique properties. Metal can be recycled endlessly: about 75% of the aluminum produced during the entire existence of the industry is still used.

in quality

Purchasing Prestige swing gates, you can save money in the long term. High-quality and reliable products do not need regular repairs. Their minimum lifespan is 15 years of operation with 4 open-close cycles per day.

Available service

ALUTECH provides high-quality service maintenace, which guarantees stable long-term operation of the gates. Planned service maintenance reduces the risk of components early wear and tear and ensures safe operation of the product.

Easy maintenance

Prestige gates do not require special care. They can operate in the open air preserving perfomance capacity and attractive look during the whole operation life.

Create harmonious exterior

Order a wicket and a fence in the same style as the gate. Products with the same filling and colour scheme will keep harmonious exterior and complete the look.


It provides convenient and quick access to the house site with no need to open the gate fully.

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They help to mark out the area of a private territory and provide additional safety of the house site.

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