Townhouse village


Area:20 ha

ALUTECH dealer:Renart LLC | Stella LLC

ALUTECH products for comfortable and stylish garage

Sectional doors are selected according to customer's requirements. Due to automation and double rollers, the door movement is smooth and silent and does not disturb the house dwellers. Prestige garage doors are made of 45 mm thick sandwich panels and their thermal insulation is comparable to 60 cm brick wall.

About the project

Central communication lines, well-developed infrastructure, integral architectural style — all these make the townhouse village an ideal place to live in.



Volzhskaya Gavan is a townhouse village with an attractive location near the Volga river.


house lots

From idea to implementation


Townhouse village Volzhskaya Gavan is designed as a secluded island of civilisation on the banks of a mighty river that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while using all the benefits of civilisation.

Warmth and comfort are essential components of a happy life. Houses in Volzhskaya Gavan are always pleasant to be in, because their design has been thought out to the finest details.

Convenient control

There are automated garage doors installed in village garages. Sectional garage doors are controlled with minimum effort — just press the buttons on the remote control.

Remarkable windload resistance

Door leaf is made of 45 mm thick sandwich panels. This provides not only enhanced energy efficiency of the door, but also its increased resistance to wind — up to 120 km/h hurricane. It is especially important for doors installed in coastal regions or by the riverbanks.

ALUTECH products:

Garage sectional doors:


Townhouse village Volzhskaya Gavan is a premium class complex, well thought-out and adapted for children and people of all ages.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

Prestige series sectional doors for protection from cold and wind

Prestige doors withstand intensive wind load, provide efficient thermal insulation and help to maintain comfortable indoor climate in the garage, allowing to save money on heating.

Door special features:

  • thermal insulation of Prestige door made of 45 mm thick sandwich panels is comparable to 60 cm brick wall;
  • sandwich panels of enhanced rigidity allow the door to withstand intensive windload;
  • two-wing EPDM-seals alongside the door leaf are crease resistant, do not absorb moisture, preserve elasticity at low temperatures and provide reliable insulation of the opening;
  • adjustable roller brackets ensure close proximity of the door leaf to the opening.

Enhanced standard set of components for safe and reliable operation of Prestige doors

There is a range of unique solutions implemented in standard door design:

  • roller brackets, side caps and intermediate hinges made from durable stainless steel AISI 430, which protects the door from corrosion;
  • brackets with double rollers ensure smooth movement or the door leaf;
  • finger trapping protection is implemented on both inner and outer surface of the door;
  • unique wear-resistant PUR-PA coating protects the door leaf from fractures, scratches and fading.

ALUTECH Levigato motors for convenient garage door control

Garage doors are automated with Levigato series motors with a backlighting and a variety of useful functions.

Automation peculiarities:

  • high endurance — at least 30 000 cycles;
  • high door opening speed up to 0.2 m/s;
  • faultless operation at voltage surges 160-270 V;
  • automatic adjustment of end positions every 100 cycles;
  • bright lighting — 60 LEDs;
  • outdoor lighting control.

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