Light aircraft hangar


Area:2 300 sq. m

ALUTECH dealer:RollProf LLC

ALUTECH products for non-standard openings

ProPlus series industrial doors are designed to cover large openings (8000x7000 mm) and preserve the required indoor temperature.

About the project

Aircraft stay and undergo service maintenance in the hangar all year round.

18 m

opening width

The hangar is designed for storage of light aircraft at a temperature that is safe for aircraft and comfortable for people.

2300 sq. m


ALUTECH products used at the facility:

  • ProPlus series industrial sectional doors — 3 doors;
  • Electric motors ALUTECH Targo for industrial doors —30 motors.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

To get the light aitcraft free unobstructed access to the hangar, there was needed a door able to cover the opening of 18 metres in width. Such solution was developed and implemented by RollProf: they managed to install three ALUTECH ProPlus doors into the non-standard opening. When aicraft is entering the hangar, the electric motors lift the side door profiles together with vertical tracks to the ceiling.

Energy efficient ProPlus doors for maintaining necessary indoor temperature

ProPlus doors provide high level of thermal insulation and preserve the required indoor climate.

Door special features:

  • thermal insulation of ProPlus series doors made from 45 mm thick sandwich panels is compared to the heat transmittance of a 60 cm thick brick wall;
  • EPDM-seals alongside the door are crease resistant, do not absorb moisture and preserve elasticity at low temperatures. All these ensure reliable sealing of the whole structure;
  • adjustable top and bottom roller brackets ensure close attachement of the door leaf to the opening, thus improving thermal transmittance and thermal insulation properties.

Enhanced standard set of components for safe operation of ProPlus doors

Standard door delivery kit includes several unique solutions:

  • to make the door leaf more rigid and resistant to wind load, we install sets of reinforced profiles;
  • a set of double roller brackets and rollers with elongated pin provides large-sized doors with additional safety margin;
  • door leaf protection system from falling in case of spring or cable break (this is extremely important if the door leaf area is large);
  • special design of steel sheets protects the sandwich panel from delamination in case of unexpected lowering;
  • roller brackets, caps and intermediate hinges made of rigid stainless steel AISI 430.

What makes ProPlus doors so durable and reliable

Due to the special coating the sectional door leaf is resistant to the impact of high temperatures, abrasive materials, detergents and other factors.

Coating special features:

  • adhesion lacquer applied to sandwich panel surface ensures excellent adhesion of steel sheets with the foam, protecting the panels from bubling under the sun;
  • unique wear-resistant PUR-PA coating protects the door leaf from scratches, cracks and fading.

ALUTECH Targo automation for control of the industrial doors

ProPlus industrial doors are equipped with Targo motors with external control units. These motors are designed for automation of industrial structures with various operation intensity.

Automation peculiarities:

  • operation life is 100 000 open-close cycles;
  • faultless operation at voltage surges in the range of 160-270 V;
  • duplex limit switches that guarantee door leaf stop precisely in the set position;
  • integrated amperomatric safety system for door leaf stop in case of obstacle encounter;
  • IP 65 rating of protection: the housing is protected from dust and water penetration;
  • heat-removing ribs on the motor housing protect it from overheating;
  • operation can be switched to the safe manual control mode in case of power cutout.

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