What questions do the doors start with? ALUTECH answers

29-12-2020 articles

A correctly asked question is already half the answer. When choosing a door that should reliably protect your garage from the criminals and cold, it is important to make sure that they will cope with this task. ALUTECH sectional doors is a comprehensive answer to all garage questions.

The leaf of ALUTECH sectional door consists of several sections fixed with each other with steel hinges in movable joints. Each section is a three-layer sandwich panel, which consists of steel sheets filled with foamed polyurethane. It is the sandwich panel that is responsible for the main characteristics of garage doors, such as strength and thermal insulation.

Strength. What are the guarantees?

The exceptional realibility of ALUTECH sectional doors is ensured by the design of the 45 mm thick sandwich panel: two steel sheets are interconnected into a reliable lock that forms a closed contour. Increased density of the filling guarantees additional rigidity and deformation resistance of the door. All these make ALUTECH sectional doors wind- and impact-resistant and provide protection from panel delamination.

Quality of the steel coil is extremely important as it determines garage door resistance to corrosion and scratches that may occur during the operation. ALUTECH uses only high-quality steel tape from leading manufactures. Its anticorrosion properties are improved due to a zink layer and two-layer polymer coating which also protects from mechanical damage and the effects of precipitation.

The tests results of the leaf elements have shown that ALUTECH sandwich panels retain their operability and aesthetic look even after 15 yeras of operation in highly humid conditions.

Thermal insulation. With what?

The unique thickness of sandwich panels provides ALUTECH sectional doors with thermal insulation properties comparable to a 60 cm thick brick wall. The heat protection is improved by the crease resistant EPDM-seal placed between the panels and preventing gaps formation. Moreover, elastic polymer seals are installed along the entire perimeter of the door helping to protect the garage from precipitation and heat losses.

The combination of thermal-physical properties allows to use ALUTECH garage doors even under the Far North conditions.

Safety. How much does it cost?

ALUTECH garage doors comply with strict European safety standards. This allows to apply CE marking which is mandatory in the EU countries. Therefore, special systems that provide protection against door leaf falling or uncontrolled movement, as well as eliminate the risk of finger trapping are included in the standard set and are free of extra charge.

For your maximum comfort sectional doors can be equipped with automation which allows to control them right from the car. When the power is cut, you can easily switch to manual control with a special device for electric motor release.

Strong. Warm. Safe. What about good looking?

Due to various types (microwave, horizontal ribbed, cassette) and a rich colour range, ALUTECH panels perfectly match any finishing materials. A wide range of products allows to choose the perfect door for an architectural ensemble in any style from classical to hi-tech.


Advanced characteristics of ALUTECH sectional doors are the answers to all garage questions and a guarantee for reliable and smart protection.

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