Sectional doors: heat formula

29-12-2020 articles

Why do garage doors save electricity? We determine the heat formula.

High thermal insulation properties of the doors are provided by the combination of several factors, such as sandwich panel thickness and design, seals configuration and material and also the design of track profile system. The heat formula was determined by Andrey BULOYCHIK, Deputy Marketing Director of Alutech Doors Systems LLC.


The basis of good thermal insulation is sandwich panels which are used for doors manufacturing. Any sandwich panel consists of two steel sheets. The space between them is filled with a special foamed material, mostly it is foamed polyurethane. The foam layer thickness and, therefore, the panel itself directly affects thermal properties of the door. As a result, doors made of panels from 20 to 45 mm thick are offered on the market for private garages.

In their thermal insulation properties ALUTECH sectional doors are comparable to a 60 cm thick brick wall and meet normative requirements even for the Far North. We make our doors from 45 mm thick sandwich panels.

The panels design is also extremely important. Thus, the steel sheets of ALUTECH sandwich panels are interconnected in a closed contour. This ensures self-centering and additional strength of the panels which guarantees a tight fit of leaf sections to each other. In the closed position ALUTECH sectional door is practically a one-piece structure that reliably retains heat inside the garage.

Tight fit. Special design

The next thing is the design and material of seals which are responsible for the door air tightness. All ALUTECH panels are equipped with a crease resistant EPDM-seal which provides reliable sealing of the leaf sections. Rubber seals that are located along the perimeter of the door guarantee the air tightness of the opening. To increase the thermal insulation properties of the door, the side and upper seals have two wings. The shape of the lower seal compensates for the floor unevenness.

The material of seals is also important. For production of ALUTECH doors we use rubber which remains strong and elastic even under agressive external influence, including high humidity and extremely low temperatures. Due to this the garage opening is reliably sealed in any weather.

The track profile system design ensures a tight fit of the door to the opening and walls. Roller brackets of ALUTECH sectional doors compensate even their significant uneveness and completely eliminate the gaps formation.

Tested formula

It is worth mentioning that requirements for the thermal insulation of the doors are regulated by building standards and regulations. The parameters depend on the lowest temperature in the winter season in a particular region and the geographical location of the facility.

We regularly examine our products for compliance with the highest requirements. Numerous tests have confirmed that ALUTECH sectional doors can be successfully operated in all regions of the CIS and Baltic countries. The tests were carried out in accredited laboratories of St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Research Institute NISI (Bulgaria), as well as Belarusian Scientific-Research Republican Unitary Enterprise for Construction.

Get high thermal properties and reduce electricity consumption with ALUTECH sectional garage doors.

ALUTECH sectional doors: safety at any situation

The reality is changing every moment and we like it, but with one condition: we and our loved ones will always be safe. This includes operating sectional doors, too. But can their design guarantee protection in unforseen situations? For example, when having an urgent business meeting, you quickly jump into the car and, while still being under the door leaf, press the remote control button to close it.

What questions do the doors start with? ALUTECH answers

A correctly asked question is already half the answer. When choosing a door that should reliably protect your garage from the criminals and cold, it is important to make sure that they will cope with this task. ALUTECH sectional doors is a comprehensive answer to all garage questions.