New control unit for industrial motors ALUTECH Targo

17-05-2021 news

ALUTECH Group informs you about the expansion of its own automation range and presents a new product - a control unit for industrial motors ALUTECH Targo. The device is offered in two versions: CU-TR230 for ALUTECH TR-3531 and TR-5024-230 motors and CU-TR400 for ALUTECH TR-5024-400, TR-10024-400 and TR-13018-400 motors.

The new control unit has a robust body with IP65 protection which allows to use it in highly humid premises, for example, at car washes and agricultural enterprises.

To make the automated doors operation as convenient and safe as possible, the new control unit has the following options:

  • cycle counter for tracking service schedule,

  • 3 voltage free microswitches to connect additional devices for any customer's task,

  • setting up bilateral traffic signalization,

  • setting up smooth start and slowdown at the end of closing (only for CU-TR 230),

  • connecting and setting up the operation time of the external illumination and its remote control,

  • integration with motors equipped with the end switches and encoders,

  • connecting control unit lock.

All buttons located on the unit body are made of wear-resistant material. A digital indicator is provided for convenient and quick device setting.

We believe that the new product will be in demand by customers and will simplify operation of industrial doors. You can check the availability of the new device and place an order with your regional representative office.

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Automation for garage doors
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