New intelligent electric drives AM1/RS

15-07-2021 articles

To increase the level of comfort and safety during the operation of roller shutter systems, ALUTECH strives to pay attention not only to the quality and reliability of their automation, but also to its functional characteristics.

For the first time in the range of ALUTECH drives, a series with an integrated intelligent automatic travel limit adjustment system AM1/RS is presented (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Tubular electric drive AM1/RS

The new "smart" system greatly simplifies the drive configuration, which is now performed automatically after simple commands from the ALUTECH remote controls. In addition, the limits can be set manually if desired.

Important! Before the automatic adjustment of the limits, make sure that the roller shutter system is equipped with stoppers in the lower part of the curtain and security locks (reinforced or compact locking straps) or fixing profiles at the top of the curtain.

In addition to the electronic limit switch system, the new motors offer enhanced functionality:

  • Obstacle detection1. This option allows to protect the roller shutter system from damage in the event of an obstacle in the area of the curtain movement. In particular, if the curtain meets an obstacle while moving up, it stops. If the curtain meets an obstacle while moving down, then it is possible either to lift it a little bit (by default), or to lift it fully, or to stop the movement of the curtain.
  • Protection against freezing. The option is designed to protect the roller shutter system from damage when the lower part of the curtain freezes to the supporting surface. In case of additional resistance at the bottom of the curtain, the curtain does not go up.
  • Setting an intermediate (custom) curtain position. The user can set an individual position of the curtain and move it by pressing the remote control button.
  • Possibility of connecting a wired impulse switch (Fig. 2). Unlike other ALUTECH drives with radio, the new line allows to connect and control the roller shutter system using a wired impulse switch operating in step-by-step mode (SBS). In this case, the voltage connection is not allowed.

Fig. 2. Electrical wiring diagram

In addition, the new AM1/RS drives have a number of design peculiarities:

  • New «Star shaped» head, thanks to which there is no need to install additional cotter pins.
  • New design of adapters.

The range of new drives is represented by two models with an optimal torque value (10 and 20 Nm ) to cover the most popular openings. The intelligent AM1/RS electric drives will be an excellent solution for the automation of roller shutter systems of the Prestige and Security series..

The technical characteristics of new products can be found in the table below:

Technical data for AM1/RS series motors

Torque, Nm
Rotation frequency, rpm
Max. number of roll tube revolutions
Applicable roll tube size
Power consumption, W
Weight, kg
Width, mm
Length, mm

* When using the ADA/60 set consisting of an adapter and a ring (supplied separately).

Parameter Value
Supply voltage, V 230 (±10%)
Mains frequency, Hz 50
Maximum time of continuous work, min 4
Operating mode S2
Radio frequency, MHz 433,92
Radio control code Dynamic
Additional protection varistor
Maximum number of recordable radio remote controls, pcs. 20
Thermal protection, °C 140
Protection degree of the casing IP44
Protection class H
Power cable length, m 2
Number of cable wires 5
Cross-section of cable wires, mm2 0,75
Operating temperature range, °C -20 … +50

Thus, the range of AM1 series drives for 60/70 mm octagonal roll tubes covers nearly any potential customer needs:

Functional characteristics of the AM1 series electric drives

Functional characteristics Range of ALUTECH tubular electric drives - 60/70 mm roll tube

Mechanical limit switch system

+ + + +

Electronic limit switch system


Emergency manual override (NHK)

+ +

Built-in radio receiver

+ + +

Possibility of connecting an external radio receiver

+ +

Possibility of connecting wired switches

+ + +

Obstacle detection


Protection against freezing


Custom curtain position


Detailed information about the characteristics of the АМ1/RS series electric drives, as well as instructions for installing, connecting, and configuring are presented in the operating manual and its illustration part.

We are confident that the new intelligent ALUTECH electric drives will make the roller shutter control process even more convenient and safe, and the new functions will be appreciated by both ALUTECH partners and their customers.

1After commissioning, qualified personnel must ensure that the roller shutter system complies with the applicable regional standards, e.g. EN 13659 for roller shutters. The use of this motor in garage doors is allowed only if all necessary safety measures are provided in accordance with the norms and rules applicable to garage doors in the region where the garage door is installed.

2Important! When choosing a drive of the AM1/RS series, excessive power reserves should be avoided, as this can lead to incorrect operation of the obstacle detection system. For this reason, the choice of a 20 Nm model is only possible if the required torque exceeds 10 Nm.

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