Retainer profiles AEG84F/U covered with reinforced film

04-02-2019 news

The ALUTECH Group of companies announces the launch of a new product – retainer profile AEG84F/U covered with reinforced film.

This kind of suspension is meant to be used with foam-filled roller shutter profiles AG/77, PD/77 and extruded grille profiles AEG84 on the 102 mm roll tube (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Retainer profile AEG84F/U covered with reinforced film.

Profile pasting scheme is illustrated in Table 1.

Product name Article/pasting scheme
Retainer profile



The use of the new suspension covered with reinforced film allows to significantly reduce the curtain abrasion arising from the contact of the profile with the metal surface of the retainer profile.

In addition, we would like to remind you that in order to reduce abrasion of the first top laths we recommend using the following special suspension systems:

  • the «Snail» curtain suspension system for RT70 roll tube: SS190RDS retainer spring with a PVC strap + RDS70/77 distance ring; AEG77F retainer profile with a PVC strap + RDS70/77 distance ring;
  • security locks RG2U, RG3U, RG4U the last section of which is made of special plastic that reduces the coefficient of friction;
  • for small roller shutters made of profiles AR/39, AR/41, AER44/S we recommend using compact security locks RGM/Q with special polymer straps.

The ALUTECH Group of companies is striving to meet the wishes of our Partners by offering new design solutions aimed to improve the reliability and durability of the roller shutter operation.

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