Reinforced guide rail end piece GRP53/S

20-12-2018 news

The ALUTECH Group of companies announces the launch of a new product — guide rail end piece GRP53/S (Fig.1) made of durable glass-nylon composite. In comparison with the regular guide rail end piece, the strength of GRP53/S grew by almost 3 times.

The new product can withstand a load equivalent to a roller shutter curtain weight up to 50 kg, while the use of GRP53 is recommended for roller shutters weighing up to 10 kg. Due to this, the end plug GRP53/S allows to extend the range of use of GRP53 without deflecting under the pressure of the curtain weight.

In general, GRP53/S end piece not only adds to the appearance of roller shutters, but also protects the guide rails from precipitation, dust and dirt. GRP53/S* are installed in the lower part of the guide rails before mounting. Fixing them with screws is an additional protection to keep them in place.

Fig. 1. Reinforced guide rail end piece GRP53/S

Please note that the new product is offered in a universal black color.

ALUTECH Group will continue to offer new solutions for rolling systems, meeting the demand of even the most demanding customers.

* GRP53/S is used with the same guide rails as GRP53.

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