New built-in radio control units CUR/mini for ALUTECH rolling systems

20-12-2018 news

The ALUTECH Group of companies presents a new product in the range of ALUTECH branded automation:

Built-in radio control units CUR/mini

The CUR/mini unit (Fugure 1) is designed to control the tubular motors of rolling systems or other electrical load, for example lighting, using ALUTECH remote controls (AT-1(S), AT-15(S), AT-4N). The control modes are USB (the roller shutter mode – control via three buttons) or SBS (the door mode – control via one button).

Technical parameters of the new product:

Parameter CUR/mini
Power supply, V/Hz 230 (±10%)/50
Power of connected motors, W up to 300
ALUTECH motor series which can be connected AM0(D)-АМ1
Radio frequency, MHz 433,92
Range of operation in the line of sight, m 100
Maximum number of recorded remote controls, pcs 20
IP protection rate IP20
Operating temperature range, ºC -20 … +50
Overall dimensions, mm 51 × 51 × 26,5
Weight, g 60

You can find the wiring diagram for connecting a motor and lighting to the CUR/mini unit in the operating manual.

The main advantages of the new CUR/mini unit are:

  • Easy installation: the unit is installed in a standard mounting cup Ø58mm. Besides, external mounting is also possible with the use of a mounting box (recommended dimensions are 126х126х55,3 mm). For example, you can use the universal mounting box MB/IP55;
  • Possibility to control lighting.

We remind you that the process of recording, copying, deleting and grouping remote controls (AT-1(S), AT-15(S), AT-4N) is described in detail in the instructions.

ALUTECH Group is constantly expanding the range of devices for automatic control of rolling systems, improving their reliability and usability.

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