16-06-2020 news

We are pleased to present a new universal joint profile KPU40/R. This product is compatible with ES9x45(R) and ES9x45(R)/eco end slats and can be used with all small roll-formed profiles:

  • 8,5-9 mm: AR/40(N), ARH/40(N), AER44m/S, AER44/S, PD/39N, PD/45N, AR/377(N), AR/39(N), AR/41(N), AR/41T(N), AR/45(N).
  • 10 mm: ARH/37S(N).
  • 11 mm: PD/55m(N), AR/55m(N).

As you can see, KPU40/R completely replaces KPU37/R and KPU45/R joint profiles, and they will be discontinued.

We kindly remind you that the main purpose of a joint profile is to enable the key lock installed into the end slat to be raised a few slats higher. At the same time, please note that we do not recommend raising the end slat with the key lock by more than 2-3 slats, as this can lead to incorrect operation of the roller shutter and possible damage to the curtain.

Fig.1 – Joint profile KPU40/R

Fig.2 – Curtain assembly with a joint profile

We are sure that the new solution will make the use of roller shutters with a key lock as convenient as possible, and it will also allow to optimize your warehouse inventory.