16-03-2021 news

ALUTECH introduces new round end caps for roller shutter systems to the market

The design of the new end caps is as close as possible to the 45-degree end caps of the SF45/u series and features special elements facilitating the installation process and providing the possibility of installing additional devices and fixing the cable.

Fig.1 – Benefits of new end caps (SF-R/165u-B shown as an example)

1 — A boss for handy cable fixing.
2 — Optimal window sizes (4 pcs.); for eye/cardan joint output, for strap/rope guides.
3 — Bosses for installing fasteners without drilling the end cap.
4 — Mounting pad for entry guides.
5 — A notch in the end cap leg for quick installation of small roller shutters, without the need for fastening onto the rear wall of the end cap.

In addition to the listed advantages, the following changes have also been made to the end cap design:

  • The nominal thickness of the collars has been increased to exclude the possible protrusion of extruded boxes beyond the dimensions of the end cap and, accordingly, to improve the visual characteristics of the finished product.
  • Fig.2 – Mating an extruded box and a SF-R end cap before modernization
    Fig.3 – Mating an extruded box and a SF-R/u end cap after modernization

  • Marks have been added to facilitate the installation of mounts for ALUTECH and Somfy motors.
  • The length of the front panel of the box as well as the length of the groove for it in the end cap has been reduced. This will provide the possibility to easily open the front panel of the box when using guide rails for roller shutters combined with an insect screen (M-GR53x39).

The range of new end caps includes two types, and each type is presented in five standard sizes:

  • Standard round end caps SF-R/137…205u.
  • Round end caps SF-R/137…205u-B with bosses for quick fastening without the need for drilling.

The new products are used with the same guiding devices as the 45-degree end caps SF45/u: GD9/U, GD14/U, and RGH9/U roller, as well as TG/U and BG/U strap/rope guides.

SF-R/u(-B) end caps are already available for ordering. The obsolete SF-R version will be removed from the range and will no longer be produced.

Important! Along with the development of the new end caps, the panels for round shutter boxes have also been modernized. The transition to the new version has already been effected. At the same time, the old version of SF-R end caps mates with both new and old panels. New end caps SF-R/u and SF-R/u-B can be used only with new box panels (using them with old panels is only possible if the groove of the box is slightly cut).

We are confident that the new products will improve the operational characteristics of the final product, as well as greatly facilitate the assembly and installation of roller shutter systems.