27-08-2019 news

Despite the desire of many people to reduce the number of daily routine operations by automating them, manually operated rolling systems remain relevant. They are optimal for buildings with a small number of windows, small or narrow openings, as well as for rooms where there is no electricity supply.


The ALUTECH Group informs you about the launch of a new pulley of TP series with 110 mm diameter – TP110. The key advantage of the new product is the use with SF45/u-B end caps without the need to remove / drill out the pins.

Due to the optimal size of the outer diameter of the pulley – 110 mm - when the pulley is installed on 125-165 mm end caps, a guaranteed clearance between the pins and the pulley is ensured which assures proper operation of the product.

Roller shutters with end plates up to 150 mm inclusively account for more than 80% of sales of roller shutters with rope and strap operators. Thus, TP110 can be used for the majority of the most popular openings with this type of control.

End plates size Pulley
TPC90 TP110 TP125, TPC125 TP140
125 + + +
137 + + +
150 + +
165 +* +
180 +

* There is a weight restriction for the curtain - up to 14 kg, which is taken into account in the software.

We are sure that using the new TP110 pulley will speed up and optimize the installation process of roller shutter systems with hand operators and SF45/u-B end caps.

Let us also remind you that that the owners of spacious houses with a large number of roller shutters can get all products automated. Once the electric drive is installed, one or all of the shutters can be operated at the same time with a simple push of a button. Moreover, new Alutech timers allow presetting time for automatic control, with an element of randomness or with sunrise and sunset.