03-09-2019 news

The key to reliable and durable operation of the rolling system is the quality of components it is made from. In addition, the life of the product largely depends on how professionally and competently the installation is performed.

The end plates series SF45/u-B allow installing motor brackets ALUTECH as well as supports for assist and push-up sprigs without drilling thus ensuring easier installation and mounting of roller shutter systems and improving the exterior of the structures. The ALUTECH Group of companies informs about the launch of the new end plates 230mm which are called SF45/230u(-B).


The end caps are available in two versions: standard SF45/230u and modified SF45/230u-B. The main feature of SF45/230u-B end caps is special pins for easy fastening of brackets and supports without the need to drill the end caps.

Other changes made to the new product design are similar to upgrades made to SF45/u end caps of other sizes:

  • A pin has been added for easy cable fastening.
  • A platform has been introduced for installation of guides (GD9/U, GD14/U, RGH9/U).
  • The window sizes are the optimal for the output of a loop or a cardan joint as well as embeddable guiding devices for strap or rope (TG/U, BG/U).
  • A groove has been added in the end cap leg allowing quick installation of small roller shutters, without the need of fastening through the rear collar of the end cap.

End plate SF45/230u-B


The same guiding devices are used with the new end caps SF45/230u and SF45/230u-B as with other 45-degree end caps of these series: GD9/U, GD14/U and RGH9/U roller.

Guide GD9/U

Roller guide RGH9/U

We also remind you that these devices have several advantages:

  • Quick and easy installation / removal of the device;
  • Convenient servicing, as the new guides do not go into the leg of the end cap and can be easily replaced on site, if necessary;
  • Long service life due to the use of durable plastic (polyamide);
  • Better gliding of the curtain due to streamlined device configuration;
  • It is possible to output the cable of the electric drive through the leg of the end cap and the idle chamber of the guide rail.


All windows in the new end caps (except the one at the bottom near the leg) have the same dimensions for installation of embeddable strap and rope guides TG/U and BG/U.

Advantages of embeddable devices:

  • Convenient fixation in the end cap window.
  • Attractive appearance due to the absence of protruding elements

Please note that the end plates SF45/230u(-B) will replace current SF230/S.

Thus, the new end plates allow installing of Alutech motor brackets without drilling additional holes, thereby significantly facilitating the assembly and installation of products. Moreover, the use of electric drives with built-in radio makes these operations even easier.


strap guide


rope guide