22-11-2021 news

We are happy to present you a new product in the range of built-in shutter boxes – a 250 mm box.

This system is designed to be used with roller shutter profiles with thickness of 9-14 mm similarly to 137-205 mm shutter boxes. Thus, due to the use of a larger shutter box, the applicability of built-in systems is significantly expanded.

The new 250 mm box uses the standard end cap SF250/Sa that is used in roller shutter systems with a standard simple shutter box, as well as the SB-I/F/205m bottom flat that is used for products with a 205 mm built-in shutter box.

250 mm built-in shutter box
Fig.1 – 250 mm built-in shutter box

A complete list of components used in a roller shutter system with a hidden 250 mm shutter box is shown in Figure 2.

250 mm built-in shutter box
Fig.2 – 250 mm built-in shutter box, exploded view
  • NEW! SB-I/UC/250m top cover
  • NEW! SB-I/BR/250 box support bracket
  • NEW! SB-I/FR/65m flush rail
  • SF250/Sa end cap
  • Guide rail
  • Roll tube with curtain
  • SB-I/F/205m bottom flat
  • Base for plaster (not supplied)

SB-I/UC/250m top cover

SB-I/UC/250m top cover
Fig.3 – SB-I/UC/250m top cover

A distinctive feature of the SB-I/UC/250m top cover is the presence of two grooves on its front surface and an increased inward bend inside the box. These modifications significantly increase the rigidity of the box: they reduce the wave effect and prevent it from deflecting under its own weight, which is especially important for large widths. In addition, the added grooves make it possible to hide the heads of the fasteners from the area where the plaster base adjoins the box, as well as to ensure an even distribution of the adhesive that is used to lay the plaster base.

SB-I/FR/65m flush rail

The design of the new flush rail makes it easier to install it by simplifying the positioning of the flush rail relative to the end cap, as well as the positioning of the shutter box and side guide rails.

SB-I/FR/65m flush rail
Fig.4 – SB-I/FR/65m flush rail

With the new product, you can use the base for plaster up to 15 mm thick. Please note that this base is not represented in the ALUTECH product range.

SB-I/BR/250 box support bracket

SB-I/BR/250 box support bracket
Fig.5 – SB-I/BR/250 box support bracket

The bracket is designed to support the bottom flat and reduce its deflection at large roller shutters widths. For example, in a roller shutter 4 m wide, when brackets are installed with a step of 1.5 m, the deflection of the bottom flat decreases by 4-6 times: from 12 to 2-3 mm.

Advantages of the new system:

  • Can be used with standard components. The new box is compatible with standard 9 mm and 14 mm profiles as well as standard drives and roll tube mounting elements. The winding parameters of the profiles are similar to the ones for a standard 250 mm shutter box (see the technical catalogue).
  • Optimization of warehouse product range. The new 250 mm box uses components from the current range: the SF250/Sa end cap and the SB-I/F/205m bottom flat. Only 2 new products have been introduced: the SB-I/UC/250m top cover and the SB-I/FR/65m flush rail (SB-I/BR/250 box support bracket can also be used optionally).
  • Expansion of the application area of the built-in shutter box system.
  • The new product significantly increases the maximum height of openings when using the built-in shutter box system. For example, for the AR/40(N) profile, the maximum height increases by 1.8 meters: from 2 850 to 4 650 mm (with a 60 mm roll tube and retainer springs). And for the AR/555(N) profile, this value is almost 1.5 meters: from 2 310 to 3 740 mm (also with a 60 mm roll tube and retainer springs).

    Installation of products on wider openings is possible by changing the design of the top box cover (bending the box and groove inward), as well as by the possibility to additionally use box support brackets to prevent the deflection of the box elements.

  • Simplification of the installation process. Thanks to the new design of the flush rail, there is no need to cut the facet along the entire length of the base for plastering. Due to the inward bend, the flush rail and the top cover of the shutter box are clearly positioned, which makes it possible to connect them along the entire length by the efforts of one installer.

ALUTECH roller shutters with a hidden box have an aesthetic appearance and fit into the exterior of any building thanks to the “invisible” box. We are confident that the introduction of the new size will expand the scope of this system and increase its popularity among end users.

You can get acquainted with the main features of the installation of roller shutter systems with a built-in box at each stage of installation using the corresponding video.