New assist and push-up springs M-2SIM/L for up to 2 m wide roller shutters with an insect screen

28-08-2019 news

In order to expand the area of possible application of roller shutters installed with insect screen the ALUTECH Group of companies is glad to offer you a new product – M-2SIM/L assist and push-up springs for shutters up to 2 meters wide.


Image 1. M-2SIM


Image 2. M-2SIM/L

Special characteristics of the new product:

  • Designed for roller shutters from 1 to 2 m wide (previously, the max. width for roller shutters with insect screen was 1,6 m);
  • To be fixed to the end cap with M-OP bearing;
  • Can be supplied with M-BRS brake.

We would like to point your attention to the fact that the application area of M-2SIM has also changed. The application range of assist and push-up springs depending on the size of roller shutters is given in Annex 1.

Roller shutters installed with an insect screen is a functional solution from ALUTECH, which along with the usual functions of roller shutters (protection from strangers, sound insulation, energy saving) has another important purpose – prevents insects, dust, debris particles and poplar fluff from entering the house.

Advantages of ALUTECH products:

  • The mosquito net is easily and comfortably fixed in the down position. It opens and closes at the touch of a hand on the bottom rail.
  • The braking mechanism provides lifting of the net without sharp jerks and jamming.
  • The possibility of independent control of a roller shutter and mosquito net: a net is fixed manually and the curtain moves manually or automatically. It is also possible to automate a roller shutter by means of motors with the built-in radio control that will add additional comfort and convenience in daily operation of structures.
  • There are no gaps between an insect screen and a window opening thanks to brush inserts, installed in a groove of the box and end slat profile. Brush inserts in the guide rail prevent dirt from entering the system, ensure quiet running of the net with the end slat along the guides, prevent blowing of the net from the guide.
  • User-friendly –just wipe with a damp cloth without the use of additional detergents or chemicals.

The assembling of the system is described in detail in the "Guide to the assembly and installation of an anti-mosquito system (AMS) built into the rolling system".

Figure 1. Application of assist and push up springs for AMS depending on the size of the roller shutter