New adjustable cap APB102/SM

20-01-2021 news

ALUTECH presents a new adjustable cap APB102/SM (Fig. 2).

Key features of the upgraded cap:

  • The bowl is fixed with a clamping collar.
  • Square stem replaced by calibrated round stem Ø25 mm.

Fig. 1. Current APB102/S cap

Fig. 2. New APB102/SM cap

These changes make it possible to fix the cap stem in a simpler and more convenient way without drilling, which simplifies the installation of the roller shutter system as a whole.

The tests carried out showed that the strength of the updated cap and its functional properties remained at a high level and fully correspond to the characteristics of the cap of the previous modification.

Thus, the new APB102/SM cap replaces the APB102/S cap. Deliveries of the new product will begin after the stock of steel caps of the previous modification is depleted.

The ALUTECH Group of companies is constantly working on improving the design and technical parameters of products in order to increase the reliability and safety of roller shutter systems, as well as to simplify the assembly process.