CUR radio receiver — a new solution for roller shutter automation

25-03-2020 news

ALUTECH presents a new product in the line of ALUTECH automation — the CUR radio receiver (Fig. 1). The device is designed for convenient control of roller shutter electric drives both with the help of ALUTECH remote controls and by pressing buttons on the device casing.

Fig. 1. CUR radio receiver

It is also possible to connect additional control and safety devices to the radio, such as key and lock switches (in SBS mode — step-by-step mode for one-button operation), photocells, optical and resistive safety edges, signal lights (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Wiring diagram

The new device has a number of advantages compared to the CURD-1 control unit, which has been discontinued.

Operational safety and solid design:

  • Enhanced IP protection. You can install a CUR receiver nearly anywhere.
  • Protection against unauthorized access. The cover of CUR is fixed with self-tapping screws, which blocks access to the board (screws are supplied).
  • Extra safety (when connecting appropriate safety systems1). The manufacturer provides protection against pulling foreign objects into the box, as well as protection against squeezing and jamming.
  • Availability of the «dead man» operating mode. This mode allows operating the drive even if the connected safety systems fail.

Comfort and ease of use:

  • Variety of control methods. Control with the help of the keypad on the device casing, plug-in controls (key and lock switches), control with any type of ALUTECH remote control or radio timer (AT-1(S), AT-15(S), AT-4N, AT5(S)/RT).
  • UBS-mode (rolling mode). Allows you to control a rolling system using 3 buttons of ALUTECH remote controls or radio timers: «up», «stop», «down».
  • New installation scheme for the radio. Convenient mounting scheme of the CUR unit allows you to easily install the radio on the mounting surface without the need to mark holes for fastening.
  • Increased size of connection terminals. A solution which provides easy wiring of control and security devices.

Thanks to an improved design, enhanced technical characteristics and expanded functionality, the new CUR radio receiver meets the highest requirements of the EN12453 safety standard, as well as the European Directive 2014/53/EU (RED).

The technical characteristics of the new product can be found in the Table.

Supply Voltage / Current Frequency ~ 230V (+10%, −15%) / 50Hz
Maximum power consumption in standby mode (without additional devices connected) 1,5 W
Maximum power of connected electric drive 1500 W
Flashing lamp power supply ~ 230V / max.100 W
Power supply of additional devices (accessories) 12V direct current/max. 100 mA
Radio Frequency 433,92 MHz
Number of recordable remote controls 250 pcs
Protection degree IP54
Operating temperature range -20ºC ... +50ºC
Section of connected wires with mains voltage

Section of connected wires of additional devices
max. 2,5 mm2 (22-14AWG)
Overall dimensions (L х W х H) 150×100×38 mm
Weight not more than 0,3 kg

Operation manual for the device is presented in 6 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French and Polish) and is available at this link.

The ALUTECH Group of companies plans to further expand the range of devices for automatic control of roller shutter systems and offer new reliable and functional products.

1Optosensors SIGNAL12 and communication set SC1 of the «Safety edge» security system, photocells LM-L, 8.2 kΩ resistive safety edge.

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