ALUTECH radio timers

07-08-2019 news

The ALUTECH Group of companies strives to make the process of managing roller shutter systems even easier and more convenient and presents 5-channel ALUTECH radio timers.

New products are available in portable and wall-mounted designs (AT5/RT and AT5S/RT respectively), by analogy with ALUTECH remote controls.


ALUTECH programmable timers mean:

  • Possibility of independent control of up to 5 devices. And there is also 0-channel for controlling all the programmed roller shutters.
  • 4 control modes of roller shutters: 1 manual and 3 automatic, that allow setting time intervals of operation.
  • Attractive design.
  • Unique dynamic code.
  • Use with ALUTECH roller shutter and door automation.

The timer display shows information on time, day of the week, as well as the set control mode:

  • Manual mode: opening/closing of a roller shutter using the up/down buttons. In this case, device is used as a standard remote control.
  • Automatic mode: opening/closing of a roller shutters at a pre-set time (scenario mode), as well as using the up/down buttons.
  • Automatic mode with an element of randomness: opening/closing of a roller shutter at a pre-set time with a random +/- 15 min deviance from it, as well as using the up/down buttons. Allows you creating the effect of presence of owners in the house and further protecting the property from intruders.
  • Automatic astronomical mode* without switching to summer time or automatic astronomical mode with switching to summer time. Opening/closing of roller shutters depends on sunrise and sunset time.

Technical characteristics of radio timers are given here.


Characteristics Description
Operational frequency 433,92 MHz
Exposure rate (no more than) 10 MW
Free space range (up to) 100 m
Transmission consumption (no more than) 15 mА
Component power Battery 3В CR2450
Degree of enclosure protection IР40 (dry location)
Surrounding temperature 0°С … +30°С
Dimensions (AT5/RT / AT5S/RT) 125 mm × 34 mm × 11 mm / 77 mm × 77 mm × 12,5 mm

The ALUTECH Group of companies will further develop its range of modern automation, offering new solutions for comfortable and safe control of rolling systems.

User manuals for the new AT5/RT and AT5S/RT radio timers are available in the relevant section of the website.

* Sunset/sunrise time, preset on the timer, may vary slightly depending on the region. At the same time, it is possible to set the deviation +/- 1 hour 59 minutes from the time programmed in the timer.

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