Rowing centre at the Chernavsky bridge


Number of doors:87

ALUTECH products with long endurance

Reliable sectional doors operate faultlessly in any weather and preserve their attractive look even in the conditions of high air humidity.

About the project

Up to 500 athletes can train simultaneously and comfortably at the Rowing Centre.

1 000

boatsheds for sports equipment storage

The Rowing Centre is located at the Chernavsky Bridge dam. It is a home to several dozen of sports and social facilities that train candidates to the national team and host high-level competitions.

1 000 m

rowing distance

From idea to implementation


The Rowing and Canoeing Centre is built as a part of national project 'Demography'.

To make training more convenient, the complex infrastructure has beem thought out to the finest detail. In addition to the Rowing Centre, the sports cluster includes a football arena, an ice arena, several multi-purpose playgrounds and sports and recreation centre.

ALUTECH products used at the facility:

  • Industrial sectional door series ProTrend - 87 doors

Safe storage of equipment

The premises for storage of expensive equipment is securely protected with ALUTECH industrial sectional doors.

Attractive design

The boatsheds are painted in different colours, making the similar buildings look more interesting. Sectional doors are selected in the colour shades harmoniously matching the identity colours of the facility.

The centre attracts young people and helps to promote sports. The beginners can see here the top world class athletes, feel the atmosphere of prominent sports events and choose the sport to be a permanent fixture in their lives.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

Functional ProTrend series doors for reliable faultless operation

The door hardware is made of galvanised steel, which provides its reliable and durable operation and helps to save money on maintenance.

Door special features:

  • because of intensive operation, the lifespan of torsion springs has been doubled - from 25 000 to 50 000 open-close cycles. This allows to prolong their service life;
  • EPDM-seals alongside the door are crease resistant, do not absorb moisture and preserve elasticity at low temperatures. All these ensure reliable sealing of the door structure;
  • adjustable top and bottom roller brackets ensure close attachment of the door leaf to the opening, thus improving thermal transmittance and thermal insulation properties.

Solutions for safety operation of ProTrend doors

Standard door design include a range of technical solutions that ensure safe door operation. They are the following:

  • protection system against door leaf falling in case of spring or cable break;
  • special design of steel sheets that protects sandwich panels from delamination in case of abrupt door closing.

Solutions for durability of ProTrend doors

Due to the special coating the sectional door leaf is resistant to the impact of high temperatures, abrasive materials, detergents and other factors.

Coating special features:

  • adhesion lacquer applied to sandwich panel surface ensures excellent adhesion of steel sheets with the foam, protecting the panels from bubling under the sun;
  • уunique wear-resistant PUR-PA coating protects the door leaf from scratches, cracks and fading.

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