Mazda car showroom and service centre


Area:1 000 m2

Area:1 000 m2

ALUTECH dealer:RolTech Group

Energy efficient ALUTECH products for maximum comfort and security

The doors boast of enhanced thermal insulation properties and allow to maintain temperature balance indoors even in severe weather conditions.

About the project

Panoramic door series AluTherm with 45 mm thick sandwich panels and a thermal break is a key feature of the autocentre. It combines good energy efficiency with functionality and aesthetic qualities.

1 000 m2

showroom area

Autocentre Mazda-Murmansk includes a showroom, a service area and a car wash.

5 500 m2

total area

Panoramic door for showroom

Panoramic door at the entrance prevents heat loss from the premises and acts as an additional show-window which allows the visitors to see cars and accessories represented in the showroom.

The main requirement was to ensure maximum thermal insulation of the premises, while keeping the possibility to show cars day and night.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

Panoramic door series AluTherm made out of panels with thermal break for enhanced thermal insulation

Panoramic door series AluTherm made out of panels with thermal break for enhanced thermal insulation

The panels in AluTherm panoramic doors are 45 mm thick.
Inner and outer part of the profiles are devided with nylon thermal bridge which allows to enhance energy efficiency up to 40%.

EPDM-seals for additional insulation

Two-wing EPDM-seals installed along the door perimeter are freeze resistant and do not absorb moisture.
They make the door structure more air-tight and provide additional thermal insulation.

Stainless steel components

Side roller brackets, roller plates and intermediate hinges are made of high tensile stainless steel AISI 430.
This ensures faultless door operation in the premises with high humidity.

Extra set of components for car wash — a solution for damp premises

Sectional door hardware and metal accessories constantly exposed to water and aggressive detergents have reliable protection against corrosion.

Protection from door leaf falling

Standard panoramic door kit includes a spring break device and bottom bracket of special design that provide protection from door leaf falling in case of torsion spring or cable break.
So, such system eliminates the risk of damage to the property of car dealer and clients.

Double sealing loop

Additional sealing loop provides protection from transparent insert sweating from the inside.

Choosing ALUTECH panoramic doors you get balanced combination of quality, reliability and functionality for years ahead. All ALUTECH products comply with European safety standards.

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