Hyundai car showroom and service centre


Area:1 800 m2

Efficient ALUTECH products for maximum comfort of operation

Durable and visually light panoramic doors are characterised by reliable faultless operation and provide the showroom with maximum inflow of sunlight.

About the project

The official Hyundai dealership in Rostov arranges sale, trade in and maintenance of Hyundai automobiles.

1 800 m2

showroom area

The official Hyundai dealership in Rostov arranges sale, trade in and maintenance of Hyundai automobiles.

7 000 m2

total area

Panoramic door in service department

Main feature of the panoramic door with wicket is letting more sunlight get inside, as well as providing the possibility to enter the showroom with no need to open the door fully. This helps to save the door operation life.

Panoramic door for showroom

Panoramic door at the entrance acts as an additional show-window which allows the visitors to see the cars represented inside.

The main idea was to provide maximum comfort while moving inside the showroom. There is a wicket integrated in the panoramic door, which allows to lower the operation load thus ramping up its operation life.

Solutions implemented together with ALUTECH

Panoramic panels made of primary aluminium

Panoramic panels made of primary aluminium

We use only primary aluminium to produce aluminium profiles.
This eliminates the risk of any foreign particles getting into the structure and ensures its durability.

Extra set of components for car wash — a solution for damp premises

Sectional door hardware and metal accessories constantly exposed to water and aggressive detergents have reliable protection against corrosion.

Protection from door leaf falling

Standard panoramic door kit includes a spring break device and bottom bracket of special design that provide protection from door leaf falling in case of torsion spring or cable break.
So, such system eliminates the risk of damage to the property of car dealer and clients.

SAN-glazing — a product resistant to scratches and fractures

A special coating applied to the SAN-glazing protects door panoramic sections from minor scratches, fractures and the effect of powder washing agents.
This allows to preserve attractive look and excellent transparency of the structure.

стойкое к царапинам и сколам SAN-остекление

Repairability of panoramic panels

The fillets used to fix the windows allow to replace transparent inserts without dismantling the whole door or its sections.

Double sealing loop

Additional sealing loop provides protection from transparent insert sweating from the inside.

Choosing ALUTECH panoramic doors you get balanced combination of quality, reliability and functionality for years ahead. All ALUTECH products comply with European safety standards.

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