ALT W72 Receiptor

The ALT W72 Receiptor system is a series of special designed profiles for quick, convenient and reliable installation of ALT W72 windows in the apertures, which are to be finished with plasterboards.

Up to 2 500 mm Max sash height
Up to 1 600 mm Max sash width
58 mm Max infill unit thickness
Up to 150 kg Max sash weight
1,05 W/m2*K Thermal insulation, Uw (EN ISO 12567-1:2011)
PAS 24:2016 (class W) Burglar resistance
class 4 (600 Pa) Air permeability (EN 1026:2000, EN12207:1999)
class E1200 (1200 Pa) Water tightness (EN 1027:2000, EN 12208:1999)
class C5 (2000 Pa; 1/300) Wind load resistance (EN 12211:2000, EN 12210:1999)
up to 49dB Acoustic insulation (EN ISO 10140-2:2011, EN ISO 10140-4:2011)
Fixed light
Tilt-and-turn window (Single sash)
Tilt-and-turn window (Fixed window with a sash)
Tilt-and-turn window (Double sash)
Сombination window
Window wall
Inegrated window