ALT W62VS Ventilation sash

ALUTECH ALT W62VS is a solution for effective fresh air flow. This unique energy efficient system is optimized for aesthetics as it fully matches to the bonded glass curtain walls (e.g. ALT F50 curtain wall system as well as ALT EF65 element façade system).

ALT W62VS ventilation sash meets the strictest requirements for thermal insulation.


  • Design aesthetics.
  • Healthy environment in premises.
  • Excellent water tightness and high insulation.
  • Automatic operation.
Up to 3 000 mm Max sash height
180 and 280 mm Sash width
Tilt and turn window (Single sash)
Fabrication benefits
  • Easy and timesaving fabrication due to universal punch-tools and equipment.
  • Universal corner cleats for stock optimization.
  • Simple and easy profile processing.
  • Easy integration into ALT F50 curtain wall system.