ALT VC65 Hidden sash balcony glazing system

ALT VC65 System is designed for glazing installation in premises where there is no need in thermal insulation: balconies, loggias, stairwells. Aesthetic and elegant solution of a hidden sash with high air and water permeability and wind load resistance.

47,5 mm Internal visible profile width
6 mm Infill unit thickness
77 kg Maximum infill unit weight
207 cm4 Maximum moment of inertia
glueing Method of infill unit fixation
casement, tilt and turn, sliding sashes Types of integrated units
Uf ≥1,35 W/m2∙K Thermal insulation (EN ISO 10077-2:2017)
up to 48 dB Acoustic insulation (depending on the infill unit used)
Fixed light
Parallel-sliding window
Tilt and turn window (Double sash)
Tilt and turn window (Fixed window with a sash)
Tilt and turn window (Single sash)
Fabrication benefits
  • Elaborated universal system of moisture removal through the inner chamber of the transom with no need for a sealant.
  • Significant reduction in metal consumption due to the system solution for the transition between mullions with different moments of inertia.
  • A multifunctional set of basic transoms with the possibility to install infill unit from the outside, not only in the window ledge areas, but also in the fixed part of the building facade to any height.
  • Simplified profiles processing in the design of mounting joints for fastening to floor slabs, which does not require special tools.
  • Simplified profiles processing in the design of wide openings for the installation of sashes of sliding structures.
  • Possibility of turning on a mullion within ± 8 ° without using additional profiles.
  • Complete sealing of thermal gap at the transition point of the main mullions and turning adapters.
powder coating


  • any RAL-colour according to Qualicoat;
  • exclusive collections (Futura, Precis, Anodic);
  • variety of surface types (glossy, matte, textured);
  • innovative antimicrobial BIO-coating option.


  • conformance to Qualanod standard;
  • 9 standard colours;
  • possibility to choose different surface treatments (chemical etching, bead blasting, brushing).
wood-grain effect


  • conformance to Qualicoat standard;
  • 5 woodgrain options.