Special systems

ALUTECH special systems are represented by burglar- and hurricane-resistant roller shutters which can strengthen all types of buildings with high requirements to burglar- and hurricane-resistance.

For projects under (re-)construction ALUTECH offers built-in box roller shutters.

Combined systems can be used to combine two or more roller shutters in one opening/facade.

Built-in box roller shutters

The system of built-in shutter box is to be outside-mounted on a prepared opening in front of a window/door. A well-thought-out design permits to mount built-in box roller shutters with all types of windows.

Roller shutter system with integrated mosquito net

Alutech roller shutter systems with integrated mosquito net is a functional solution that, in addition to the standard functions of the roller shutter, protects from insects, dust and poplar wool.

ALUTECH roller shutter system with integrated mosquito net consists of:

  • a roll-up mosquito net preventing small particles and insects from entering the room.
  • a roll-up roller shutter system providing protection, noise insulation and energy saving.
  • Roller shutter systems with integrated mosquito net are to be mounted into the window opening. Max. opening width is 1,6 m, max. opening height is 2,2 m.
  • Min. roller shutter width (overall width) — 0,6 m.
  • Max. effort required for mosquito net drawing down (max. roller shutter height) — no more than 5 kg.

Anti-hurricane shutters

Made of special anti-hurricane components ARH/37S profiles roller shutters can resist pressure up to 1225 Pa, which is comparable to a heavy hurricane.

System description:

  • Max roller shutter width is 5,8 m.
  • The system can resist pressure up to 1225 Pa (≈ 45 m/s), which is comparable to a heavy hurricane.
  • Reinforced system components guarantee RC2 class of burglar resistance according to EN1627.
  • Applying reinforced elements do not replace the beauty of ready-made shutters — ARH/37S compact winding parameters allow to use small shutter boxes.

Anti-burglar roller shutters

Anti-burglar roller shutters are designed to provide high protection of sites openings with high security requirements (banks, jewelry stores, cash offices etc.).

Anti-burglar characteristics of the new ALUTECH system were confirmed by test results in following areas:

  • estimation of product resistance to the static loads;
  • estimation of resistance to the dynamic loads;
  • estimation of breaking resistance using a dedicated tool (crowbar, chisel, hacksaw, sledgehammer, angle edger).

Combined roller shutter systems

Designed to combine two or more roller shutters.


  • Decreased cost of finished roller shutter due substitution of 2 end caps/guide rail by one combined end cap/guide rail;
  • Aesthetical external appearance of shutters on big openings.