New video guide: low mounting of industrial doors with front shaft position

05/19/2021 Video

ALUTECH Group expands its own collection of video tutorials and presents a new one describing low mounting of ProPlus and ProTrend series industrial doors with front shaft position.

This mounting type is mostly used at the sites with small headroom height (minimum headroom height is 250 mm).

A ten minute video shows the main steps of the door installation: assembling and fixing the track profiles and the torsion shaft, mounting the lower section and the door leaf, adjusting the spring tension, installing the damper, etc.

Such video tutorials are ever-popular with specialists performing istallation, as they help to do their work quickly and without mistakes. We believe that the new video will be no less in demand.

New ALUTECH video: ALT W72 HS windows with hidden sash

ALUTECH Group of Companies presents a new video about one of the actual solutions in modern architecture — ALT W72 HS windows with hidden sash. Due to the minimum visible width of the profiles, as well as the same visible width of the fixed light and the active sash, the glazing area of the window with the hidden sash is much larger than the glazing area of classic window with the same window dimensions. The installation of ALT W72 HS windows allows you to improve the local lightening of the premises, make it visually spacious and more comfortable.