AluminTechno at GlassBuild America 2023 in Atlanta

29-11-2023 news

GlassBuild America celebrated its 20 years anniversary in Atlanta in the beginning of November, and it was massive, impressive and productive.

Major glass manufacturers, suppliers of facade, door and window systems, software and machinery were hosted by the Expo at Georgia World Congress Center. The Expo was the largest in more than a decade, featuring around 500 exhibiting companies from 65 countries from Asia to South America.

GlassBuild 2023 drew more than 8,7 thousand participants: construction companies, developers, installers, architects and designers, home owners.

In cooperation with a local partner, Glass Inc, AluminTechno featured its new developments as well as time proved solutions in the domain of architectural aluminum systems.

The booth visitors were especially interested by patio systems (lift and slide and bifold panoramic doors), as well as by modern window solutions in various options. A few AluminTechno products were demonstrated for the first time to the American audience:

  • Invisible integrated F50 facade window with standard 1-inch IGU, combining the popular laconic design with technologically simple assembly and high thermal performance.
  • LT SL130 lift and slide system — high-technology solution providing for the wide range of design and assembly options, such as a possibility to connect the frames at 90°.
  • ALT VR40 vent louvres — a brand new system of integrated louvres with the mounting depth of 40 mm for up to 2,5 m wide openings. The louvres are used as an addition to air conditioning systems, transmitting the airflows and preventing water penetration.
  • ALT SF450 storefront doors, which is a simple and reliable solution for entrances and shopfronts of commercial buildings.

During three busy and fruitful days at GlassBuild America, the AluminTechno and Glass Inc representatives established dozens of new valuable business contacts, providing new opportunities for the brand name to grow its awareness at international scale.