ALT SKL50 Skylight

ALT SKL50 System is intended for glazed products manufacturing of different architecture: single-pitch and double-pitch roofs, domes, arch roofs, pyramids of complex geometry.

Translucent roofs, skylights and other unusual spatial structures on ALT SKL50 base make buildings look more spectacular and ensure comfortable indoor climate.

Designers and architects can choose proper bearing elements depending on the architectural peculiarities of the building and load on construction.

Smoke hatches can be easily integrated into SKL50 System, thereby providing ample opportunities for creating reliable, safe and interesting architectural objects.

50 mm Internal visible profile width
50-166 mm External visible profile width
56 mm Max. Infill unit thickness
700 kg Max. infill unit weight
1 298 cm4 Max. moment of inertia
Smoke vents Types of integrated units
Uf = 0,85-1,8 W/m2∙K Thermal insulation (EN ISO 10077-2:2017)
Up to 48 dB Acoustic insulation (depending on the infill unit used)
Fabrication benefits
  • the turn of the skylight on the mullions and transoms is achieved through profile flange bending. Corner adaptors are not necessary to install;
  • specialized bending machine in the system guarantees the quality of processing;
  • fully compatible with ALT F50 Curtain wall system;
  • design reliability and technological efficiency of mounting due to a specialized gasket;
  • the use of «swinging» support thermal breaks simplifies installation and positioning of the glass unit during mounting.
powder coating


  • any RAL-colour according to Qualicoat;
  • exclusive collections (Futura, Precis, Anodic);
  • variety of surface types (glossy, matte, textured);
  • innovative antimicrobial BIO-coating option.


  • conformance to Qualanod standard;
  • 9 standard colours;
  • possibility to choose different surface treatments (chemical etching, bead blasting, brushing).
wood-grain effect


  • conformance to Qualicoat standard;
  • 5 woodgrain options.