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AluminTechno, Minsk (EN)

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AluminTechno is one of the largest factories in the CIS countries which produces aluminum extruded profiles; performs powder coating and anodic treatment.
    Production space is 24,000 m2
    Production capacity is up to 28,000 tons of extruded profiles per year.
    Currently a third stage of the factory is under construction. By 2014 the production capacity is expected to be increased up to 45,000 tons of extruded profiles per year.
Quality Management System of the factory has been certified according to ISO 9001 in TUV GERT system.
AluminTechno implements a complete manufacturing cycle. It begins with melting of primary aluminum and ends up with extruded profiles, its coating and anodic treatment. The plant is fitted with equipment of the world's leading manufacturers from the USA, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Canada and some other countries. The main components of the production facilities of AluminTechno include:
    Up-to-date foundry shop equipped with 2 gas melting furnaces, multi-pillars casting machine, pillar homogenizing furnace, advanced systems for modifying, refining, filtering and casting melted aluminium.
    4 high-tech extrusion lines (two 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch) ensure high extrusion rates, consistency of dimensions and mechanical properties of profiles. The line includes systems for stretching of profiles, their temperature stabilization, as well as monitoring of surface defects and profile geometry.
    Vertical coating line, which includes 2 automatic powder coating chambers. This is an advanced coating line with chrome-free pretreatment of the profile surface, system for rapid color changing (within 15 minutes), automatic temperature adjustment and burning process control. High-tech equipment ensures universal high quality coating with high heat- and UV-resistance.
    The CIS largest anodizing workshop allows for the output of products with 4 types of coating and a wide range of 14 RAL colors. Production capacity is 5,500 ton of profiles (2.6 mln. sq. m) per year. The line can process profiles up through 7.3 m.
Some additional mechanical equipment for surface preparation has been put into operation to create special effects: wire brushing, shot-blasting, polishing.
The main feature of AluminTechno is development and introduction of its own engineering projects. Currently the enterprise manufactures and markets fifteen product lines.
    Extruded profiles for roller shutter systems and sectional doors
    System of suspended ventilated frontages
    Mullion-transom facade system
    Window and balcony glazing system
    Office partition wall system
    Light partition wall system
    All-glass partition wall system
    Anti-mosquito profiles
    Windows and doors without thermal break system
    Windows and doors with thermal break system
    Sliding wardrobe profile system
    Interior partition wall system
    Various profiles based on customer's drawings
AluminTechno products have been certified in compliance with the requirements of national standards, as well as sanitary-hygienic laboratories of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. Quality of the extruded profiles meets the requirements of DIN17615, EN 755-1, EN 755-2, and EN 12020 standards.
Aluminum extruded profiles manufactured by AluminTechno are the only in the CIS countries, whose coating quality has been simultaneously confirmed by Swiss certificates: Qualicoat/Seaside, Qualanod.
    Qualicoat certificate is the international quality mark for lacquer coat of products used in architectural construction.
    Seaside Certificate (an addendum to Qualicoat certificate) is and the international quality mark confirming lacquer coat resistance of aluminum products to atmospheric exposure in regions with sea climate.
    Qualanod certificate is an international quality mark for anodic coat of products used in architectural construction.
AluminTechno factory means quality control at all production stages, intelligently arranged logistics and highly qualified personnel. Application of the latest technologies and up-to-date automatics equipment enables production in compliance with the Western European standards, including manufacture of aluminum shapes based on the customer's drawings.

220075, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Selitskogo Str., 12.
Phone: +375 (17) 345 81 43, 45.
Fax: +375 (17) 345 81 48.

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