ALT115 Full glass interior partitions

This is an optimal and aesthetic solution for space planning in shopping centers and offices. The system contains clamp profiles and elements for tempered glass fastening to ceiling and floor.

ALT 115 partitions allow to create an integral appearance of working space, use natural sunlight more effectively and visually extend the premises.

connecting corner elements made of steel and aluminium alloy, self-tapping screws, plastic inserts Junctions
10 and 12 mm Glass thickness
Fabrication benefits
  • Inversion clips allow to install glass of 8,10,12 mm thick.
  • Depending on its special location, inversion insert joint enables standard or secure (through a hole) version of glass fixing.
  • Inserts and clips are clamped to the glass along the whole surface of paronite interlayer providing lifting capacity of «insert-clip» kit equal to 40 kg.
  • Free insert movement in the guide rail groove allows glass to be clamped in the right place.
  • Option includes a universal range of hardware for glass of 10 and 12 mm thick.
  • End plugs and inserts ensure glass integrity through its entire service life.
  • Profile visible parts are covered by film that protects against mechanical damages, which guarantees the aesthetic appearance of the partitions.
powder coating


  • any RAL-colour according to Qualicoat;
  • exclusive collections (Futura, Precis, Anodic);
  • variety of surface types (glossy, matte, textured);
  • innovative antimicrobial BIO-coating option.


  • conformance to Qualanod standard;
  • 9 standard colours;
  • possibility to choose different surface treatments (chemical etching, bead blasting, brushing).
wood-grain effect


  • conformance to Qualicoat standard;
  • 5 woodgrain options.