ALT C48 Door

ALT С48 is a system of non-insulated profiles for the construction of elegant and affordable aluminium doors. This is an optimal solution for application in administrative, commercial, manufacturing and residential facilities in warm climate but it can also be used as an interior partitioning, winter garden system as well as entrances without high-energy efficiency requirements.

ALT C48 system offers a very cost-efficient inward and outward opening door solution due to its optimized fabrication process. ALT C48 system enables manufacturing of structures for external and internal doors, automatic sliding doors, entry groups, anterooms and internal partition walls in any administrative and public buildings and premises (shops, hypermarkets, business centers, offices, trade pavilions, gas filling stations, airports and railway stations, bus stations and etc.).

The door series of profiles (both, the standard series and with FAPIM groove) are designed for the manufacturing of flash doors (inner and outer surfaces of frames and leafs are in the same plane). The series allow manufacturing of various swing door constructions: single-, demi-double and double-leaf doors; opening inside and outside; with superimposed (visible) and groove (concealed) hinges; with or without threshold; with top and lateral blind parts in one frame.

The system features broad opportunities for the application of various filling types: glass, double-glass, sandwich-panels, flakeboard and other materials. The product range of profiles, fillets and sealants in the system makes it possible to install fillings from 4 to 30 mm thick.

26-106 mm Internal visible profile width
48-150 mm External visible profile width
4-30 mm Possible infill unit thickness
140 kg Maximum infill unit weight
Classic door with superimposed hinges; Door structures with furniture groove «Fapim»; Automatic sliding doors; Floating doors with floor closers Door options
glass bead profiles Method of infill unit fixation
up to 33 dB Acoustic insulation (depending on the infill unit used)
Door with a transom
Double-leaf door
Door with bottom basement profile
Door with fixed light
Fabrication benefits
  • Easy and timesaving fabrication due to universal punch-tools and equipment.
  • Universal corner cleats for stock optimization.
  • Easy and simple profile processing.
powder coating


  • any RAL-colour according to Qualicoat;
  • exclusive collections (Futura, Precis, Anodic);
  • variety of surface types (glossy, matte, textured);
  • innovative antimicrobial BIO-coating option.


  • conformance to Qualanod standard;
  • 9 standard colours;
  • possibility to choose different surface treatments (chemical etching, bead blasting, brushing).
wood-grain effect


  • conformance to Qualicoat standard;
  • 5 woodgrain options.