Alutech Incorporated is a modern industrial enterprise producing and supplying a wide range of profiles, components and accessories, drives/motors and control systems for roller shutters.

Alutech Incorporated is a modern industrial enterprise producing and supplying a wide range of profiles, components and accessories, drives/motors and control systems for roller shutters.

About the plant

The plant uses the most up-to-date automated production lines that enable quality control of the manufactured products at all stages of the production process. Alutech Incorporated products comply with international quality standards as confirmed by test results performed by Western European accredited centers.

25 000 m²

production space

over 150 mln. r. m.

of roll formed profiles per year

70 000 t.

of coated lath (aluminum/steel)


Product range

Alutech Incorporated offers a wide range of roller shutter systems (window and door roller shutters, rolling doors and grills).

The company offers:
  • coated aluminum and steel lath,
  • aluminum roll-formed profiles with standard and high density foam insulation,
  • aluminum shutter boxes,
  • steel octagonal roll tubes,
  • assist and push-up springs and suspension mechanisms and hand operators,
  • plastic parts (side locks, caps, security locks, entry guides, adjusting rings etc.),
  • steel parts (guide rollers, safety plates, support plates etc.),
  • aluminum and steel windowsills.


The technological chain is a complete production cycle - from aluminium and steel lath coating, its cutting and to the packaging of finished products.

The plant is equipped with:
  • high-tech coating and cutting line for aluminum and steel lath,
  • line for cutting of aluminium and steel lath,
  • rollforming lines for the production of roll-formed profiles, shutter boxes, octagonal roll tubes and sills,
  • spacious warehouse for storing long products.

The line has got 3 coating chambers and 2 coat polymerization furnaces, which enables two-layer coating (prime and top coat) in just one pass. Ability to apply various types of coating (polyurethane, polyester, PVDF).

Production capacity is 25,000 tons of coated aluminium lath per year.Coating rate up to 50 m of lath per minute.

Multi-stage lath preparation for coating (caustic prewash, stretching, acid degreasing, passivation). Special lath treatment to increase corrosion resistance and adhesive properties.

The cutting line performs slitting of source coils of coated lath to any standard size of the profile, box or windowsill. Line production capacity: 48,000 ton per year. Maximum speed rate of the line is 200 m of lath per minute. It allows cutting of lath 100 to 1,635 mm wide.

The automated lines produce 40 standard sizes of profiles (perforated and unperforated, with soft, hard and superhard foam filling), shutter boxes of 15 standard sizes, aluminum and steel windowsills of 26 standard sizes, octagonal roll tube of 5 standard sizes.

In total, there are 12 rollforming lines installed at the company. The maximum length of the produced profile is 7 meters. The speed of each line is up to 60 meters of profile per minute.

High production efficiency and excellent quality of finished Alutech products are ensured through full automation of technological processes, as well as the use of raw materials and equipment from leading European suppliers in the production process.


By production of roller shutter profiles, shutter boxes and other accessories the company uses high quality raw materials from the leading European companies quality and ecological cleanness of which have been confirmed by the international certificates. Coating materials from a leading international company AkzoNobel (Germany) are used for coating aluminum and steel lath.

A full cycle of quality control at all stages of production is implemented: from purchase and raw materials quality control and geometric dimensions control of produced profiles to product testing in real operating conditions.

To confirm the high quality of Alutech products the holding regularly undergoes tests in accredited international laboratories and leading research centers of the CIS countries, Europe and the USA.

The quality of ALUTECH profiles coating is confirmed by Swiss certificates Qualicoat/SeaSide and Qualanod.

Environmental control
at all stages of production

Choosing our products you care about the environment:

The production of roller shutter systems meets international requirements in the field of safe and rational use of natural resources.



Manufacturing enterprise
  • Roller shutter systems
  • Automatics for roller shutter systems