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Alutech Incorporated, Minsk (EN)

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Alutech Incorporated is a modern industrial enterprise producing and supplying a wide range of profiles, components and accessories, drives/motors and control systems for roller shutters.

    Production space: 25,000 sq. m.

    Production capacity: over 150 mln. running meters of roll formed profiles per year .

    25,000 / 70,000 t of coated lath (aluminum/steel).

The entire process flow represents a complete production cycle: from coating of the source coils (painting and cutting of aluminum and steel lath, rollforming) to packaging of the finished products. The plant uses the most up-to-date automated production lines that enable quality control of the manufactured products at all stages of the production process. Alutech Incorporated products comply with international quality standards as confirmed by test results performed by Western European accredited centers.

Product Range

Alutech Incorporated manufactures and supplies the following products:

    coated aluminum and steel lath;

    aluminum roll-formed profiles with standard and high density foam insulation ;

    aluminum shutter boxes;

    steel octagonal roll tubes;

    assist and push-up springs and suspension mechanisms and hand operators;

    plastic parts (side locks, caps, security locks, entry guides, adjusting rings etc.);

    steel parts ( guide rollers, safety plates, support plates etc.);

    aluminum and steel windowsills, brackets and side plugs;

    various types of accessories for roller shutter systems.

By production of roller shutter profiles, shutter boxes and other accessories the company uses high quality raw materials from the leading European companies (BASF, Hydro Aluminium, Akzo Nobel etc.). Quality and ecological cleanness of materials have been confirmed by the international certificates.


Currently the following up-to-date production facilities are at the company's disposal:

    Line for aluminium and steel lath coating;

    Line for cutting of aluminium and steel lath;

    11 roll forming lines;

    bending presses;

    a number of separate production facilities for manufacture of a wide range of components and accessories.

ALUTECH Coating Line

High-tech aluminum and steel laths coating and cutting production facility is one of the largest in the CIS countries. The facility includes two production lines: coating line and cutting line.

Peculiarities of the coating line

    Production capacity is 25,000 ton aluminium lath and up to 70,000 ton galvanized steel per year.

    Continuous production cycle.

    Coating rate up to 50 m per minute of lath 1,635 mm wide and from 0.2 to 2 mm thick.

    The line has got two coating chambers and two coat polymerization furnaces, which enables two-layer coating (prime and top coat) in just one pass.

    Multi-stage lath preparation for coating (caustic prewash, stretching, acid degreasing, passivation).

    Ability to apply various types of coating (polyurethane, polyester, PVDF).

    Special lath treatment to increase corrosion resistance and adhesive properties.

    Ecologic friendly.

The cutting line performs slitting of source coils of coated lath to any standard size of the profile, box or windowsill. Line production capacity: 48,000 ton per year (aluminum Maximum speed rate of the line is 200 m of lath per minute. It allows cutting of lath 100 to 1,635 mm wide. This enables the company to supply products with required dimensions in the shortest possible time.

Own lath coating line, sliting source coils of coated lath to any size, quick change of color-- all this enables the company promptly respond to the partners' needs and demonstrate high flexibility and speed while producing painted lath.

Alutech Incorporated places all its knowledge and experience at the disposal of its partners. Company specialists provide the required technical consultations, train partners' personnel, and provide practical assistance in t organization of production.

The plant has certified its Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 in TUV CERT system, as confirmed by the corresponding certificate.

Alutech Incorporated OOO., Minsk
220075, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Selitskogo Str., 10.
Phone: +375 (17) 299 61 11, 345 81 52,
Fax: +375 (17) 345-82-82.

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