Updated video guide on mounting the dock leveller ALUTECH SL

29-07-2020 news

ALUTECH Group presents an updated video guide on mounting of ALUTECH SL dock leveller with swing lip.

This video will help the mounting specialists to perform installation of modernised dock levellers of this series correctly and in short time. The video guide highlights the following:

  • set of required tools for a dock leveller mounting;
  • general requirements for the pit to install the dock leveller;
  • mounting stages of ALUTECH SL dock levellers of all models available in the product range: S, W, C, B.

We believe that a properly installed dock leveller is the guarantee of safe and efficient loading and unloading operations.

You can find the video guide on ALUTECH YouTube channel.

Loading equipment
Dimensional scale of ALUTECH SL dock leveller has been expanded

An additional size of 2300x1800 mm has been introduced into the standard dimension scale of ALUTECH SL dock leveller with swing lip.

Loading equipment
New option: increasing the length of dock shelter top curtain

Two extra lengths of the top curtain - 1200 mm and 1500 mm have been introduced as additional options for dock shelter ALUTECH DSF. These options provide handling the trucks with different body heights. The new options are already available for order.