The ALUTECH Group of companies warns of dangers related to financial fraud

01-12-2020 news

Due to the increased incidence of financial fraud targeting legal entities and their bank accounts, we kindly ask you to read the below information and pass it on to persons involved in contract supervision process and payment procedures in your company.

The enterprises of the ALUTECH Group of companies use bank accounts only in banks of those countries where our companies are located. We do not use banking service in alternative jurisdictions (other countries) and we do not send to our partners notifications about a change in our payment (bank) details associated with a change in the location of the receiving bank.

If you are a payer and you receive a notification about a change in our payment details connected with a change in the location of the receiving bank, we kindly ask you to verify the new payment details using any of the below methods before making payments to the new bank account:

  • contact our financial department by calling the relevant company’s phone number listed on our official website or indicated in the original contract.
  • compare the new payment details with those published on our official website.

In case of a discrepancy between the new payment details and those confirmed by our financial department by phone / with those indicated on our official website:

  • it is necessary to stop all payments to the wrong bank details and use only the details indicated on our official website for making all payments.
  • please inform our financial department and our internal control office.

Also, if you are facing the actions of fraudsters who write you emails, introducing themselves as our employees, we kindly ask you to inform us of such facts by contacting our internal control office.

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