05-05-2020 news

The Alutech Group of Companies extends its existing product range of guide rails for 9mm and 14mm profiles and launches the following new items:

  • GR68x22E, GR68x60E and GR25x22E guide rails for 9mm profiles;
  • GR53x27E guide rail for 14mm profiles;
  • AES70x20 angle profile.

GR68x22E and GR68x60E are the new guides with an enlarged chamber for better curtain movement and thicker walls. These are designed for use not only with extruded profiles AER44/S and AER44m/S, but also with 9mm roll-formed profiles to ensure better burglar resistance.

The wall thickness of the new guides in by 30% bigger than of GR53x22E, also with a deep groove of 40,4mm for curtain movement which is more than in any other guide rail for 9mm profile. It enables to significantly increase wind and burglar resistance of the roller shutter.

The new guide GR68x60E also has an additional 60mm long angle bar which is used as a mounting base and enables to enlarge the contact area for attaching a guide to the opening at a built-in installation.

GR25x22E is a one-chamber guide rail for 9mm profiles. If compared to a standard channel, the new guide with a two times smaller chamber provides its compact installation and space saving at a built-on mounting or better light transmission during built-in installation.

GR53x27E is a guide rail with a smaller chamber for 14mm profiles. The new chamber size is 53mm while the standard guides for 14mm profiles are 66mm deep.

The use of the new guide is necessary during built-on installation when there is little space for mounting a standard guide channel. Moreover, the roller door with this guide will have a more attractive look when used with 9mm profiles.

New guide channels are supplied in 8 most popular colours without inserts, with rubber-inserts and brushes.

Along with the new guides, the range of new components includes an aluminium angle profile AES70x20.

This product is applied as an option to the angle guide rails. It is designed for an easy installation of a roller shutter in the openings of buildings with external thermal insulation, as well as for distancing the roller shutter from windows and doors.

The new products will definitely ease the choice of components and simplify the installation of roller shutters for non-typical sites.