Modernization of PVC plug buttons for roller shutter systems

15-10-2020 news

The appearance of a roller shutter system depends not only on such large components as the profile, guide rails or the box, but also on smaller parts. With this in mind, ALUTECH has modernized the PP12 and PP14 plug buttons used to cover the mounting holes in the guide rails.

The protruding part of the plugs has been reduced, the shape has become smoother, and the glossy coating has been replaced by a shagreen one (Fig. 1-2). As a result, these elements become less noticeable in the finished product, which improves the appearance of roller shutters.

The material as well as the applicability and other characteristics of the plugs remain unchanged. The plugs will be supplied under the current articles. The transition to the modernized version will be effected as soon as the stock of the old version of the components is used up.

Figures 1-2. Modernized plugs / current plugs

We are sure that the modernized plugs will make ALUTECH roller shutters even more attractive in appearance and, as a result, more demanded by customers.

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