ALUTECH sectional doors: safety at any situation

29-12-2020 articles

The reality is changing every moment and we like it, but with one condition: we and our loved ones will always be safe. This includes operating sectional doors, too. But can their design guarantee protection in unforseen situations? For example, when having an urgent business meeting, you quickly jump into the car and, while still being under the door leaf, press the remote control button to close it.

Even in this case your car will not be damaged. When hitting the minor obstacle, the electronic force limitation system will stop ALUTECH automated door and make the leaf to move upwards. The same system will not allow the person to lift up when opening the door. The weight of the sectional door leaf is compensated by special springs. In case of emergency, when the spring may break, the safety ratchet clutch will prevent the door leaf from falling. They will block the torsion shaft and, thus, the leaf will not fall. These special devices are installed on all springs and included in the standard door set without extra charge.

If you have a child, the safety requirements become even more important. ALUTECH sectional doors are also safe for children. The special shape of sandwich panels eliminates the risk of finger trapping both from the outside and the inside as the leaf sections fit closely to each other at any door position. Moreover, the elements of ALUTECH doors have no sharp edges and sides and the pull cables are securely hidden inside the structure, i.e. between the leaf and an angle bar. Such design solutions help to forget about cutting and snagging.

Your baby decided to play with the remote control? Stop counting how many years of successful operation of your door has left. ALUTECH sectional doors are designed for 25 000 open-close cycles. It corresponds to 17 years of operation at a rate of four cycles per day. To expand the doors lifespan you should just replace the balancing springs at the end of their calculated resource. The special design of ALUTECH garage doors provides a large safety margin. They are made of sandwich panels which considered to be one of the most reliable on the market. 45 mm thickness ensures wind and impact loads resistance, as well as high thermal and sound insulation properties. An enhanced density of foamed polyurethane coating of the panels guarantees additional doors rigidity and resistance to deformation.

In case of power outage you can switch the automated door to manual control mode. The electric motor is also turned off if the wicket is opened or partially closed. Safety of sectional door operation is confirmed by CE marking which means that the product fully meets the requirements of EN 12604, EN 12424, EN 12425, EN 12426. This mark can be found on all types of ALUTECH sectional doors. Come to life-changing meetings on time, give children more freedom, fully enjoy safe life together with ALUTECH sectional doors.